Joint engine | 40000 boys how to choose a month of new energy car?These three cars are the most popular choice for hipsters

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Hello, this is United Engines, a small auto media company teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.Happy New Year, everyone.It’s time to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, and it’s also a rare day for us to have a rest.Whenever the Spring Festival Chinese people always have the habit of buying something big, New Year car has become a lot of people’s choice.So what are the good options in this car-buying season?Today, United Engine has a few recommendations for you.If you earn around 40,000 yuan a month, there aren’t too many options at that level.Volvo S60 new energy as the second-line luxury brands, the most active response to the trend of electric car enterprises, in recent years, the continuous launch of S60 plug-in hybrid, XC40 pure electric, XC60 plug-in hybrid, XC90 plug-in and S90 plug-in version, S60 new energy market guide price of 399,900 ~ 461,900 yuan.Volvo S60 new energy is released at the same time as the traditional fuel version. There is no big difference between the two cars in terms of appearance, but the main difference lies in the power part. The maximum power of S60 plug-in hybrid model is 288kW, the peak torque is 640N·m, and the range of NEDC is 52 kilometers under pure electric conditions, which is put in the current plug-in hybrid model.Can only belong to the mainstream level.In the current Volvo S60 new energy in the sale of two models, the most worthy of recommendation is 399,900 yuan T8E drive hybrid four-wheel drive Zhiyi luxury edition, in the price is located in the fuel version of the distribution range, not only the power has been upgraded, while the configuration has not reduced, overall practical attribute is the strongest.As the second high-end new energy SUV of NIO following ES8, ES6 also has a good market performance under the influence of EARLY ES8. At present, the market guide price of the whole series of this car is 358-526,000 yuan.In terms of appearance, NIO ES6 still adopts the design style of ES8. The enclosed intake grille on the front face is combined with split headlights on both sides. The vehicle is highly recognizable and can also be quickly accepted by consumers who are accustomed to fuel vehicle design.In terms of power, NIO ES6 provides consumers with four ranges of 455/465/600/610km, and the whole system has a four-wheel drive layout. In terms of motor power parameters, the maximum power is 320/400kW, and the peak torque reaches 610/725N·m.At present, among the 6 models sold by NIO ES6, they are mainly divided into three versions: Sports version, performance version and signature version. As ES6 is positioned as high-end new energy SUV, the long-endurance version can be mainly selected.BMW ix3iX3, as the first electric SUV under BMW’s brand, is more like to catch up with the progress of the Chinese market. Under the condition that the whole vehicle has not changed much compared with the fuel version, BMW Brilliance undertakes OEM manufacturing and supplies to domestic and overseas markets.The current market guide price of the car is 399,900 ~ 439,900 yuan.BMW iX3 keeps the double kidney design on the front face. Different from the fuel version, iX3 adopts a closed design and blue details are dotted around the lower enclosure and the grille.In terms of power, iX3, as BMW’s fifth-generation electric drive system, has a maximum power of 210kW and a peak torque of 400. Under the capacity of 74kWh battery, the NEDC range is 500km.Among the two models of BMW iX3 on sale at present, the most worthy of recommendation is the entry-level model. Compared with models with higher configurations, the main differences focus on technology and comfort configuration, and it can not be ignored that the range of the top configuration model is 10km less than that of the leading version.The above three products are recommended for New Year car purchase today. Please continue to pay attention to United Engine for more content.