Multiple measures, Shunde fire protection Spring Festival guard guard safety

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At the beautiful moment of family reunion in the Year of the Tiger, there are a group of people who give up their small homes for everyone, fulfill their solemn promise of “I will be on duty during the Spring Festival” with practical actions, and demonstrate their sincere feelings of “going through fire and water for the people and doing their duty to ensure safety” with enthusiasm. They are the fire fighters of Shunde District!The Spring Festival period is a time of high incidence of fire in winter and coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics, so fire prevention and control is under great pressure.During the festival, the Fire and rescue brigade of Shunde district pays great attention to various systems from the aspects of ideology, personnel, equipment and security, strictly implements the work of war preparation, supervision and inspection, fire fighting and rescue, publicity and education, and guards the lights of thousands of families.Supervision and inspection, fire prevention and control area town fire departments to daytime inspection, night inspection and other forms of fire safety inspection to celebrate the Spring Festival, fire prevention first.In recent days, the district and town fire departments in the form of daytime inspection, night inspection and other forms of fire safety inspection.Inspection teams take the field view, questions, consult the parameter and so on, further large-scale commercial complex, hotels, rental, wade plague, high-rise buildings and other places of the unit, key check whether fire safety responsibility implement, emergency disposal plan is formulated and fire control facilities are in good condition and the evacuation passageway and safety exit are unblocked, and so on and so forth.In view of the various problems found in the inspection, the inspectors required the responsible person of the site to rectify in time, told the responsible person to be sure to comprehensively check the weak links, do a good job of self-examination and self-rectification of hidden dangers, and strengthen the publicity and education of fire safety to ensure the smooth fire safety situation in Shunde District during the Spring Festival.All fire and rescue workers are ready to prepare for the Spring Festival and The Winter Olympic Games, and will do their best in the fire safety and security work during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympic Games.Each fire brigade station carries out centralized inspection and maintenance of vehicle equipment and personal protective equipment, organizes the commanders and fighters to carry out “six familiarization” and miniature fire station pulling in key places, comprehensively improves the ability to deal with emergencies quickly, and ensures that they can “pull, rush and win” at any time in case of danger.At the same time, we will effectively weave a close preparation grid, optimize the deployment of personnel, continuously patrol and garrison the pre-preparation points, densely populated places and key units in the area under our administration, and comprehensively improve the fire prevention and control efforts at community gatherings.Propaganda and education, build a solid line of defense fire propaganda team to do a good job during the Spring Festival fire propaganda team to do a good job during the Spring Festival fire propaganda work, improve the national awareness of fire safety.Household fire XuanJiangYuan lane, knocked at the door, to the shop operators, residential area residents along the street, fire safety brochure provided by the rental housing tenants, etc. On safety knowledge such as electricity, fire with fire to escape, remind people to keep a safe exports and fire channel is, pay attention to the electric bicycle and rechargeable security, regularly carry out fire hazards,Eliminate fire safety hazards in time.Deep personnel populated places at the same time, relying on the fire fighting vehicle, roll play fire warning educational, fire public welfare propaganda, on fire control safety knowledge, demonstrate a fire extinguisher, the correct way of using the subject past the crowd really fell to the dangers of fire, at the same time in the service of the masses to improve the fire safety consciousness of the masses,Strive to create a good atmosphere of “learn fire, understand fire, use fire” for the citizens to spend a safe Spring Festival to provide fire safety barrier network.Other entertainment, holiday feeling warm shunde fire brigade organization to carry out the collective make dumplings, barbecue party, basketball contest, two-way tug-of-war, popular recreational activities such as table tennis game to alleviate the fire rescue personnel homesick, let the more “NianWeiEr” Spring Festival, shunde group party committee attaches great importance to Spring Festival of sport quality, organize teams standing close combinative oneself is actual,In line with the principle of creating a healthy and progressive cultural atmosphere, and starting from the psychological characteristics and interests of firefighters, the activities during the festival are arranged in advance to make the activities more orderly and efficient.Teams stand for firefighters, spiritual and cultural characteristics of demand diversity, on the basis of consultation, adjust measures to local conditions, organize collective make dumplings, the barbecue, basketball contest, two-way tug-of-war, popular recreational activities such as table tennis game, fully mobilize firefighters actively participate in, to let the firemen in thick festal atmosphere feel the warmth of “family”.Supervision and inspection, war preparation, fire fighting and rescue, publicity and education…This is the Spring Festival of the fire brigade.Shunde Fire Will continue to uphold the responsibility in the heart, shoulder the responsibility on the shoulders, deeply rooted in the original aspiration of the people, stick to the post to escort safety.Source: Shunde District Fire and rescue Brigade