Siquan New Material: a thermal management materials company closely following The Times with technology research and development

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Do you know what thermal management materials are?In the concept of many people, feel that thermal management materials, is not thermal conductive materials?In fact, this is not the case. For electronic packaging industry, automotive industry, power battery and other industries, the connotation of thermal management should be: thermal management materials and other control devices in cooperation to ensure that these systems work at the appropriate temperature.In other words, thermal management materials are like an “air conditioner” for electrical and electronic products. They need to be kept at a temperature that is suitable for other devices to work properly.Now, as the electronic equipment, automotive industry and the progress of new energy industry, the increasingly sophisticated technology products, for a thermal management system the rate of heat dispersion, heat storage and heat – electricity conversion efficiency and capacity and efficiency in the direction of the higher and higher demands are proposed, so the thermal management materials industry is not only a trend,It’s also an industry that requires a lot of research and development to keep up with The Times.Guangdong Siquan New Material Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Siquan New Material) is such a thermal management material enterprise with r&d strength closely following The Times.Why do you say that?You can take a look at the awards and honors siquan has won.”Innovation Dongguan Science and Technology Award” is established by Dongguan High-tech Industry Association under the guidance of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, Science and Technology Association, etc., mainly to reward organizations and individuals who have made important contributions in the science and technology industry.In September 2021, in the “2021 Innovation Dongguan Science and Technology Award” announced by Dongguan High-tech Industry Association, Siquan New Material’s “high thermal conductivity synthetic graphite” and “graphene membrane key technology research and development and industrialization” project ranked among them and won the second prize.This shows that siquan new materials in the research and development of thermal management materials and industrialization strength has been fully recognized by all sectors of society.Besides, SiQuan new material after years of accumulated research power, independent research and development to complete the “high flexible graphite coating of thermal conductivity of high temperature sintering technology and its application research” and “high thermal insulation composite coating directional molding technology and its application research on” two scientific and technological achievements, has also been material research institute of guangdong province as a leading domestic level.As of September 30, 2021, Siquan New Material has 13 invention patents, and the total number of patents has reached 50.Now, the scientific research strength of Siquan New Material has shown a strong potential. In the future, WE hope that Siquan New Material can keep its original intention unchanged and keep walking on the road of innovation and research, always follow The Times, and even walk in the forefront of The Times.# Siquan New Material #