The person encounters the betrayal of husband to middle age, face the small third that oil salt does not enter, original match wants to do so

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A happy woman in most eyes is to stay with her first love forever, youth passionate years, middle-aged family happiness, old age to help each other to the old, often have children and grandchildren home, around the knee to talk.But the odds of getting all of these things are small, and there are always some twists and turns that will disrupt your trajectory.Xili received this case not long ago, Ms. Wang and her husband just over the 40th anniversary of marriage, did not take long to find their husband unexpectedly derailed, and in their own discovery to query the husband, the man gave the answer is small three can not do without him.Ms. Wang then used various means to separate the mistress, and the final result was that the mistress insisted on staying with the man, and no one could take her away.Later, Ms. Wang could only seek help, but found a lot of institutions have no way to solve this problem, then found Xili, said the reason of the matter in detail, hope Xili can give a solution.Make Xili curious is, an age slant long man after all how much charm let small SAN die also do not let go, slowly understand the process later, discover Miss Wang in the separation of small three in the process of some improper methods.Since childhood, Ms. Wang has been the apple of her family’s eye. Her family is well off, her parents are happy, and her ancestors have shade and MOE, leading a very comfortable life.But it doesn’t seem to be so accurate in finding a husband.Wang’s husband is a young man from a small place, came to the city alone to work, was rich princess phase of the bridge happened to him.Later, the marriage of two people encountered the opposition of Ms. Wang’s parents, but because of the daughter, had to acquiesce, and give the couple a lot of financial support to operate their own small family.After the death of Ms. Wang’s parents, Ms. Wang inherited all the family property, and her husband helped manage it, so she could enjoy life.In this way, Ms. Wang came to the retirement age, and her children and grandchildren held a celebration ceremony for them two days ago. But in this way, a friend reminded Ms. Wang, “Your husband has something wrong recently, take good care of him.”The result did not lead long, Ms. Wang found her husband to cheat on the affair.The original small three is the man below a small staff, quiet, divorced with a son’s life.Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang discovered that her son was her husband’s!Saw such reality, Miss Wang cry to have no door, can oneself one person installs strong to seek small three theory, let her leave his husband, and give her spirit loss expense, but that woman says what also do not walk, must depend on that man.When communicating with friends, Xili will not directly give the answer, but to look at each other’s situation first, from their personal tautness to find the cheating problem and the situation of the mistress, because in the process of understanding will be found in their clues, and then find the core points, in order to accurately make a solution.However, Ms. Wang just wants results, and the rest of the general, unable to provide effective solutions.In fact, Ms. Wang is not the only one here. Most people who seek help only look at the results and get the results they want. If some institutions give answers directly, it is obviously a pig in a pan.To rationally analyze their current situation, do not let their disappointment in marriage and hate to the small three to control their normal judgment.Xili when helping others will carefully analyze small three, mood at that time, there are some preferences, etc., find the breakthrough point, and then make effective solution, because want to be a most useful scheme of separation, small three character, background, or cheating male of the current state of the mind, and so on are all very important decision factors.But a lot of original match want to directly deal with small three separation of small three method, marriage is their own private things, but as long as it has been such an attitude to separate small three, the result is certainly a failure, no matter who can not help you.Therefore, if you really want to save your marriage and separate the mistress, it is necessary to analyze with Celi step by step. Celi will do her best to help you and make you full of hope for life.Later Xili let Ms Wang calmly talked about her, the man and small three things, the whole story said again, in the process, Xili seize the core point, that is the man derailed psychology.Xili thinks, at the beginning of the union of two people is not pure love, the man wants to have some achievement because of his background with utilitarian heart to get married, Wang’s parents estimate also found this one situation, finally just gave the legacy to Wang.Because he didn’t get anything in the end, the man also had a grudge against his parents-in-law. In addition, Ms. Wang was an only child, so she was spoiled by the man all the time, but the man didn’t get much care, so the man suffered a lot of injustice and depression.In addition, Ms. Wang has only one daughter, and the man is afraid that his son-in-law is also a mind with him, thinking about his family property, so the man hopes to have a son to guard this family property.And small SAN is because there is a son, so she did not rare Ms. Wang’s compensation, because the son can inherit the inheritance, and their affirmation than Ms. Wang can live for a long time, this is her oil and salt do not enter, do not leave the reason.She is now mother with son expensive, so also do not need to fight directly with Ms. Wang, only need to coax deraying male property slowly transferred to his son.Ms. Wang’s side, because he has been spoiled since childhood, there is no ability to deal with the company, and his daughter is a copy of their own, they can not count on.The business must end up with the son-in-law.So that’s why the man doesn’t want the mistress to leave, because he’s afraid the mistress will take his son away.In the end, Ms. Wang didn’t want to say anything more, so Celie gave her some advice.The first is to improve the daughter’s independent ability, slowly can take over the family business.Next to discuss with a man, he will personally raise illegitimate children, but for the future of property inheritance are the words of the future.For a man, a successor of his own, of course, is brought up in the hands of the original, so it must be tempered.If the small third side loses the biggest reliance, it is bound to make other reactions. Xili also needs to analyze how to deal with it according to the actual situation.Finally, Xili would like to say that people dealing with each other will involve psychology, and separating the mistress is a process of psychological game.Only by knowing yourself and knowing your opponent can you win every battle, and with sufficient preparation can you achieve the best separation effect.If you also suffer from similar problems, you should first separate the mistress to protect the family, pay attention to Xili’s private message to me, do detailed points for you