Dragon king legend: the ancient month tights good sultry, she is very worried, the holy spirit douro

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Legend of the Dragon King # introduction: Legend of the Dragon King cartoon interpretation, gu Yue tights good sexy, she is very worried, the holy spirit fight luo.The title page of this is charming old moon!Gu Yue, pictured here, looks quite tech-savvy.I saw her head wearing headphones, eyes proud, wearing a slim professional wind tights, graceful snake waist can not stop, it looks really good sexy, all show the charm of the queen of the ancient month, very lasting appeal.Return to the plot, the decisive battle of the first grade is still continuing, Tang Wu Lin give everyone a reasonable division of labor, Xie Encounter is mainly responsible for fighting Xu Yucheng.While everyone’s fighting abilities are exceptional in the showdown, the Seprobabilities are an interesting encounter, far more compelling than the others, and so exciting and awesome that it’s hard to stop applauding seprobabilities.Single theory strength, Xie Encounter is really inferior to Xu Yucheng fierce.But Xu Yucheng to want to get rid of the tenacious Xie Encounter, but it is not easy.Even though Xu Yu-cheng says “Seprobabilities” and says “Seprobabilities” all the time, it is useless to say “Seprobabilities”, but Xu Yu-cheng can’t break through seprobabilities’ defense line, indicating that seprobabilities’ strength is strong but not strong enough to completely suppress Seprobabilities.Even though Hsu seems to be crushing Seprobabilities, Seprobabilities is badly wounded, badly so to speak.But The Seprobabilities are conquering and conquering, falling down and standing up again, without flinching or fear.Seprobabilities’ courage and drive are admirable, but in Hsu’s eyes, seprobabilities don’t regard Seprobabilities as an admirable opponent; instead, seprobabilities increasingly seethe her and despise her.However, Mr. Hsu ended up getting punched in the face.Xie Encounter seems to confuse Xu Yucheng, xu Yucheng thinks he sees through Xie Encounter’s game, hit Xie Encounter hard with sickle, Xie Encounter is penetrated by sickle, xu Yucheng thinks he can finally get rid of Xie Encounter.However, the situation reverses immediately, Xie Encounter is the idea that is fighting with close body Xu Yucheng originally good light dragon dagger its serious injury.In fact, Segal is doing just that.And Xu Yucheng is hurt by the scheme, and begins to go crazy, making moves more ruthless and severe than before, looking like to take Xie Encounter’s life.But Seprobabilities is not without skill, even if Hsu yucheng’s attack power is high, Seprobabilities will not concede.Not only is the seprobabilities standing behind him his partner, but it is the Seprobabilities’ promise.However, Xu Yucheng’s last move looks like a kill move, so the hearts of the audience outside are caught up, including Gu Yue she is also very worried about the occurrence of xie Encounter.But at that very moment, Indus struck.Holy spirit dou luo a move, and speak to stop two people’s confrontation, said two people don’t have to compare, Xie Encounter and Xu Yucheng naturally quiet down, the crowd of onlookers heart also immediately relieved.But I have to say, Segal put in a great fight.