Netizens online answer power winter Olympics cheated!The Internet police have solved the case!

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“2022” net net in nantong, jiangsu special action of public security organs successfully uncovered a super-large fake games knowledge dissemination activities fraud captured involved 19 nearly more than ten million yuan at the same time also seized the criminal gangs of illegal access to more than 350 colleges student personal information data case on February 8, jiangsu nantong Internet police to Internet users to report,An online quiz entitled “Ambassador activity for the Knowledge Dissemination of the ‘Charming Winter Olympics’ Has been quietly spread in local wechat groups and moments of friends, attracting many netizens to sign up.The campaign, organized by the International Talent Skills Training Base of The Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, was mainly aimed at college students, the police found.The activity implements the “Winter Olympics value” points system, the first person who signs up should answer 10 general knowledge questions of the Winter Olympics within 10 minutes, six correct answers will be added to the Winter Olympics value of 10 points.After answering the questions, you are also required to fill in the school, name, ID number, mobile phone number and other detailed personal information.In the process of participation, students need to learn to sign in, invite registration and other ways to obtain the “Winter Olympics value”, reach a certain point can be awarded different levels of the Winter Olympics ambassador title, the top can also get customized hand made “Ice Dun Dun” and other limited prizes and certificates, but need to pay the handwork fee.Classics further investigation, public security organ finds out very quickly, its backside conceals with li Mou Hui, soup mou feng wait for a person to be headed, design all kinds of online answer activity specially for the student in school of college of big technical secondary school, obtain citizen personal information illegally thereby, fraud money criminal gang!The gang claimed to participate in the activities can obtain “honorary certificate”, “Winter Olympics ambassador certificate”, as well as the Winter Olympics souvenirs, and declared that the issued certificate can be used as college students social practice bonus points, scholarships and other basis, thus attracting a large number of school students and their parents to sign up to participate.On February 16, the public security organs of Nantong and Rudong dispatched more than 20 elite police officers to chongqing and Beijing to arrest all 19 people involved in the case.38 mobile phones, 57 computers and 16 U disks were seized, as well as more than 3.5 million citizens’ personal information illegally obtained, all of which were filled in online by students in large and medium-sized colleges and universities across the country to participate in the answering activities.As, in January of this year, the criminal suspect li mou fai, soup a peak and others in the case of without official authorization, relying on the Internet to develop a platform “” competition, posters, elaborate the integral rules and activities to the public, WeChat group, circle of friends, launched a nationwide” ‘charm the games’ games knowledge dissemination power ambassador activity “.Students in colleges and universities are tricked into entering the “competition platform”, filling in their names, mobile phone numbers, ID numbers, contact addresses and other personal information, and charging from 28 yuan to 36 yuan for the certificate for profit.By the end of the case, the criminal gang relying on this “competition platform”, has illegally obtained more than 3.5 million pieces of personal information of students in colleges and universities across the country, defrauding students of a total of 10 million yuan in cost.At present, the case is still in further investigation.Network police remind the current network answer and lottery activities, participants mostly need to fill in some basic personal information, the event organizers can take the opportunity to marketing, attract powder drainage, collect personal information.In the face of all kinds of online activities, the majority of netizens should keep their eyes peeled and carefully screen the organizers, especially when it comes to filling in important personal information such as ID number, mobile phone number and contact address.After winning the prize, the organizers asked to pay all kinds of fees before claiming the prize should be more vigilant, beware of being cheated.Source: Network Security Bureau of Ministry of Public Security