Tesla wins again!The J.D. Power Report on The Satisfaction of Electric Vehicle Owners in the U.S.

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Nowadays, buying a car has become a very common thing, but for many friends, they still have a lot of problems when buying a car.One of them is that they do not have a comprehensive understanding of the models on the market, so that they are worried that they cannot buy a good car that they can drive safely.Therefore, when choosing a car, people will pay close attention to the reputation of the favorite model.In China, if you want to know the reputation of a certain model, people are more accustomed to seek “acquaintances” or “old drivers”.But in the United States, where the auto industry has been around for more than a century, consumers are more likely to trust J.D. Power or Consumer Reports.If you care about the rims, J.D. Power is no stranger.As an international authoritative organization, its “vehicle reliability rating” and “owner satisfaction report” is one of the important indicators for American friends to choose a car.J.D. Power and PlugShare, a California-based electric vehicle research firm, surveyed 8,122 owners of 2016 to 2022 model years between October and November 2021.Respondents were surveyed on their satisfaction with 10 dimensions of electric vehicles (availability of public charging stations, range, battery cost, driving pleasure, ease of charging at home, vehicle quality and reliability, etc.).In total, J.D. Power scored 10 all-electric vehicles, including four high-end and six mainstream market electric models.Below, might as well let me interpret this list for you, have a look at the top models, first of all, or from the luxury electric car market to talk about it!This time, the Tesla Model 3 received the highest customer satisfaction score in the high-end electric vehicle category, with a score of 777 out of 1,000, taking the top spot for the second year in a row for high-end pure electric vehicles.It also fits with Tesla’s dominance in the U.S., which was demonstrated last year when it beat BMW to become the U.S. luxury car market leader for the first time.Tesla’s reliability is “not great,” according to American drivers.But most American drivers are tolerant, even partial, to Tesla.It should be said that many people who buy Tesla cars like the unparalleled acceleration of electric cars.In the United States, the road network is developed, and in non-urban areas, there are not so many cars on the road, so the car owners can enjoy the feeling of pushing the back, which is the driving experience that ordinary fuel cars can not bring.Tesla’s auxiliary driving is also at the level of the first echelon of the industry. Long-distance driving is unavoidable for car owners. Even cruise cruise and ACC adaptive cruise can help users reduce a lot of fatigue, let alone Tesla Autopilot.Autopilot is an irreversible feature for many owners, who will naturally be happy with the Model 3.Tesla Model Y score: 770 The Tesla brand is strong, and so are the cars under the brand.Tesla accounted for three of the top10 most satisfying cars.The Tesla Model Y followed the Model 3 in second place with a score of 740, which also happens to be the average for the “luxury” segment (770).American owners’ comments on the Model Y are that it has almost the same performance and handling as the Model 3, with the advantage of further improving the Model 3’s lack of space as a sedan.Greater utility also makes the Model Y better positioned to become a workhorse for the family, rather than a backup car like the Model 3.Of course, the Model Y is also very popular in China.In July 2021, the standard Model Y battery was launched on China’s official website, with a starting price of 276,000 yuan after subsidies, more than 70,000 yuan cheaper than the long-endurance Model launched earlier, breaking into the market of less than 300,000 yuan.Such a big “diving” strength, not to buy is with their own hard ah!The Tesla Model S scored a slightly below average 756 points on this list.At the end of 2021, Tesla released official images of the new Model S.For the second time, the new Model S looks more like the latest family-style Model 3, with a “fighter” steering wheel and a new large screen inside the car.According to the website, the new Model S will not be delivered domestically until the third quarter, while the Plaid Plus will not arrive until the end of the year.As the Model 3 and Model Y are domestically produced, the focus of the Domestic market has shifted more to tesla’s two models.However, it is interesting that the prices of Model S and Model X are soaring in the United States. Meanwhile, the prices of Model 3 are falling all the time. It seems that Tesla intends to use Model 3 to focus on the low-end market and hit the sales of other brands of electric cars.We need to improve standards and prices.But after several price increases, the Model S and Model X were in short supply and had to be delayed.In addition to the high sales, the lack of chip supply and the inability to increase production capacity is also a reason for tesla’s shortage.In response, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the immediate solution is to choose a new chip supplier.But that won’t be easy, as Tesla will have to develop entirely new chip controls quickly.The Audi E-tron scored 718 points, 52 points below the average, which is not ideal.In the eyes of American drivers, the Audi E-tron’s interior was praised the most for being luxurious enough to match the price of the car, which is where Audi does best.The Audi E-tron’s infotainment system has two large screens, good touch and feedback, which is a favorite of American friends.In addition, American drivers think the Audi E-tron has smooth power and a very comfortable ride, especially the calm.Since pure electric cars don’t have an engine, most of the noise comes from road noise, but Audi has done a lot of work to make the E-tron better at eliminating road noise.Of course, there are things about the Audi E-tron that don’t please our American friends.First, audi e-tron’s shift mechanism is inconvenient to operate. It is necessary to push the shift handle back and forth to switch between forward and reverse gear, which is understandable for traditional fuel cars, but similar to electric cars, which is unacceptable to American friends.The second is the way to open the charging port. Although it is electrically opened, it is not easy to figure out how to open it for the first time, and it is not as convenient as mechanical opening.Conclusion: At present, China has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, followed by the United States.But there aren’t so many new car makers competing in the U.S. Market, and Tesla dominates.It is no surprise that Tesla models account for nearly 80% of the US market in terms of electric vehicle sales in 2021.The J.D. Power survey found that the likelihood that American drivers will buy an electric car again is related to their satisfaction with existing electric models.Of those who gave 900 points or more, 96 percent said they would buy another all-electric vehicle, with 62 percent saying they would “definitely” buy the same brand.Therefore, Tesla’s performance in satisfaction is also very stable. Tesla was also one of the brands with the highest satisfaction of American owners last year.That’s the end of the J.D. Power report on the satisfaction of ELECTRIC car owners in the U.S. Next time, we’ll bring you the top six models in the mainstream electric vehicle category.