Hearing impaired children into the general rate of nearly 100%!How does this zhangzhou rehabilitation center break the “silent world”?

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Abstract: Only in the second semester of 2021, zhangzhou Rehabilitation And Education Center through three measures of individualized education, joint construction and platform building, “three arrows together” to get through the “last step” for hearing impaired children to enter the preschool and elementary school, and finally achieve the enrollment rate of hearing impaired children in the center nearly 100%.”After a period of rehabilitation training, the children love to talk, and they can answer simple questions in daily life by themselves,” wang Xiaohui, a reporter from China Times (www.chinatimes.net.cn) reported in Beijing.”Thanks to the school and teachers for the children’s rehabilitation in the past year, in the next road of rehabilitation, we will be more careful to treat the rehabilitation, in view of the shortcomings of this semester, home to strengthen, cultivate children and children of the same age more contact, more communication, strive for all-round development…”At the Rehabilitation and Education Center for the Disabled in Zhangzhou city, Fujian Province, there are numerous messages written in the column of “parents’ feedback” during the rehabilitation evaluation at the end of the 2021 semester, expressing their joy at the progress their children have made after rehabilitation.Zhangzhou Rehabilitation And Education Center for the Disabled, founded in 1999, is the first public special kindergarten in Zhangzhou city. It is committed to strengthening speech rehabilitation training for preschool hearing-impaired children, aiming to help hearing-impaired children reach the standard of “return”.Only in the second semester of 2021, the rehabilitation and education Center will make “three arrows” through three measures of individualized education, joint construction and platform building, to get the “last step” for hearing impaired children to enter the preschool and primary school, and finally achieve the enrollment rate of hearing impaired children in the center nearly 100%.Early detection, early intervention and early rehabilitation are the “three early principles” for the treatment and rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children.The earlier the discovery, the earlier the intervention, the better the rehabilitation effect, among which, the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children is a constantly developing concept, from the initial “ten deaf and nine dumb”, to the later “can hear and speak”, and now the transformation of “comprehensive rehabilitation”, all reflect the rapid development of China’s hearing-impaired children rehabilitation field.However, the reporter learned from zhangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation that families of hearing-impaired children still face the dilemma of “surviving between the gaps” in integrated education. One is that the families of hearing-impaired children are already studying in primary schools, but their integration is slightly difficult due to the lack of systematic rehabilitation training.One is that the hearing impaired children of primary school age are “slightly short of heat” due to the lack of family rehabilitation skills.In response to this dilemma, zhangzhou Rehabilitation and Education Center for the disabled has set up “integration classes”.The students of “integrated class” mainly go to school by day, and receive systematic training of one class (followed by parents) + group class/sandbox class on a regular basis every week.On the basis of the integration of children and children, rehabilitation teachers design rehabilitation teaching content and provide parents with family rehabilitation training guidance according to the performance of parents and students in the process of rehabilitation training, helping parents improve rehabilitation skills and ensuring effective rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children at home.At the same time, group class/sandbox class provides psychological decompression and language, communication and other related skills for hearing-impaired children to help them better integrate into the group.Xuan Xuan, a cheerful personality, excellent academic performance of the fifth grade pupils, in every final exam, Chinese, mathematics are excellent.It was hard to see that such a lively and bright girl should be a child with severe hearing impairment.Xuan Xuan was diagnosed with hearing impairment shortly after she was born on September 19, 2010.This is undoubtedly worse for the originally poor family, because Xuan Xuan’s brother also suffers from such a disease.In order to take care of their two children, my mother quit her job and stayed at home. The only breadwinner was my father’s job.Since the rehabilitation training of my brother in the Rehabilitation institution in Xiamen was at his own expense and cost was large, the family could not implant cochlear implants for the two children under the poor economy. We had to wear hearing AIDS to compensate for the hearing loss, but the hearing compensation effect was not satisfactory.Fortunately, Xuan Xuan 2 years old this year into the zhangzhou rehabilitation education Center for the disabled, get free rehabilitation training.However, due to her hearing loss is heavy, hearing aid effect compensation is not ideal, the leaders and teachers of the center see in the eye urgent in the heart, running around for small Xuan xuan.Finally, they successfully applied for the rehabilitation assistance project — the national “Colorful Dream” action plan, lucky Xuan Xuan got a free cochlear implant opportunity.The family’s economic pressure suddenly eased, more importantly, the rehabilitation effect of small Xuan Xuan will be greatly improved, the family saw the dawn of hope.Cochlear implants, however, are only the first step on a long road to rehabilitation.After the boot of Xuan Xuan, do not understand the voice coming from the cochlea, because of the young age, no language foundation, unable to communicate, resulting in the child’s personality more introverted, timid, like injured small animals, only want to curl up in the corner, unwilling to cooperate with rehabilitation learning, has become the biggest problem in rehabilitation training.Her teacher noticed this and gave her more company and communication.Finally, after three years of rehabilitation teaching, xuan Xuan was five years old, she graduated from the rehabilitation center, at that time, her vocabulary has reached 3000, far more than the highest level of speech rehabilitation vocabulary of 1600 set standards.In Korea, according to the National Institute of Education, the average child between the ages of four and five has 2,583 words.It is also gratifying that, before graduation, xuan Xuan’s hearing and speech assessment test results show that her speech clarity is 100%!Speech rehabilitation level for a level, auditory rehabilitation level for a level, rehabilitation level are the highest level!These indicators show that Xuan Xuan can finally stand on the same starting line with ordinary children…For hearing-impaired children, the ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to enter the primary and secondary schools, and successful integration rehabilitation cases like Xuan Xuan have inspired the rehabilitation education center to further do deep and solid work.The reporter learned that in order to help hearing-impaired children get more learning resources for integration of preschool and kindergarten, xiangcheng Dongpu Center kindergarten in Zhangzhou City signed a joint construction agreement with xiangcheng Dongpu Center Kindergarten on September 13, 2021, and carried out a number of activities to realize the integration between children, teachers and kindergartens.In the second semester of 2021, the Rehabilitation Education Center will send 60 hearing-impaired children to participate in classroom teaching, outdoor games and themed weekly cultural activities (such as temple fair) in Dongputou Center Kindergarten.Through the integration method of once a week and one day at a time, it helps children better adapt to the teaching mode of preschool education, and lays a foundation for hearing impaired children to integrate into preschool education after graduation.In order to effectively connect rehabilitation teachers’ rehabilitation teaching with children in terms of content and methods, in the second semester of 2021, the center will send rehabilitation teachers to participate in the regional Open Day, open class, online lecture and other teaching activities of Dongpaotou Center Kindergarten for nearly 50 people.In order to strengthen the cooperation and exchange between kindergartens, the center also held the first rehabilitation teacher skills Competition, specially invited The principal of Dongpu Center Kindergarten Chen Yimei and some key teachers as judges, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the career development of rehabilitation teachers in the future.During this period, the competition also added visits, communication and other links to help co-construction units better understand rehabilitation education.Teachers from both sides communicate with each other on teaching difficulties and environment creation, share teaching experience, update educational concepts, and jointly improve the level of integrated education.At the same time, the rehabilitation education Center focuses on the rehabilitation needs of the hearing impaired children in Zhangzhou city, gathers the rehabilitation resources of the city, and builds a rehabilitation information platform for disabled children in Zhangzhou City.According to the reporter, the platform was officially launched on the website of Zhangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation in January 2022. The platform integrated and sorted out the information of 44 rehabilitation institutions for disabled children registered in Zhangzhou in the “Rehabilitation and Assistance System for Disabled Children” of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, and launched columns such as agency profile, rehabilitation resources and rehabilitation interaction.Platform for integration of relevant knowledge popularization, focus on “create” more than “first star”, through introducing the rehabilitation process, result and fusion of rehabilitation, rehabilitation set an example to facts, as a disabled child family out of the fog, and face the difficulties in the process of rehabilitation and fusion, establish confidence.The establishment of the platform has broken down the information barrier, realized the sharing of rehabilitation information and resources, and provided a more comprehensive choice for disabled families to seek appropriate rehabilitation education and medical treatment.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn