Hit the 500 million prize!Double color ball no. 014 sun tickets, 100 times bet red zone locked 4 consecutive number

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100 times sprint 500 million, bichromatic ball, many things in life may not be argued for!Real life is to seriously do their own duties every day, learn to trivial day out of new ideas, quiet time to arrange their own heart, a read light joy.Instead of worrying about the future, you should focus on living well today.Each day is a unique gift. We wake up in the morning with an empty box filled with stuff.Many things in life may not be argued for, understand tolerance and put down, treat life with ordinary heart, life will be everywhere is not beautiful;Treat life with ordinary heart, life will be smooth everywhere;Whether the world treats you gently or not, keep your heart kind.Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but we can all start now and make a new ending.The arrival of a brand new day will usher in a new hope, for the people who like to buy color is also the same, because tonight will usher in the blessing color ball 22014 phase of the lottery, each phase of the lottery before the total can see a lot of people sun out their betting list.Today, xiaobian also sorted out some of their bets, and will share with you, for your entertainment, but also hope that you can harvest a fun!First came into sight is a 6+16 blue zone all-inclusive duplex ticket, single ticket investment of 32 yuan, each period can almost see such a betting sheet, trying to impact 1 note first prize and 15 note second prize, but the probability is actually very low.The above lottery player is also interesting in the specific number selection. In the red area, all faults between 06 and 22 were selected with 3 numbers in size, which are relatively uniform.Even, 6 numbers are even numbers.The second lottery user posted a double vote, a total of two groups of identical single numbers, a total of 100 times the total bet, trying to impact the 500 million million prize, it is not a small ambition.In the red area, the dragon head is relatively large. The first number 12 in the second area is selected, and the tail is 21. The span is only 9 points, and the size and odd-even ratio are 3-3, which are evenly distributed.And the red zone 6 numbers also chose a group of 4 even number, in recent years even number hot, also makes many lottery people in the selection of the number are biased to even number.In the blue area, it chose the big even no. 10, which currently misses 22 issues.Followed by the lottery players choose the same way is unitary times shots, only one note number, spent 30 yuan, 15 times the betting red zone leading chose 05, PND tail-on is 30, span reached 25 points, 6 pieces of number 3 in group 2 with tail, also be more bold, pick the blue area, is to choose the big number 14, this number is a number, at the same timeNine issues are currently missing.Finally displayed are unitary times vote, as many times are about 10 times, this color in our daily purchase is one of the more common is, although many times is not high, but if you can hit the jackpot, lucky bonus is naturally a lot, but the chances of which only 1700 more than one over ten thousand, so want to realize the dream is not easy.Above these bet sheet is also various on the specific selection number, here no longer do one by one introduction!Above line this period of double color ball times cast sun vote, will continue to bring you duplex special, please look forward to.Finally, let’s look forward to whether they can get lucky after the drawing. This ticket is only for entertainment, do not vote with them!(Lao Wu loves to say color)