In Ji ‘nan pagoda shade, experience the thick flavor of New Year

2022-06-30 0 By

Red lanterns hung high, beaming to welcome the New Year, bright and rich red symbolizes family reunion, happiness…The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, huaiyin District of Jinan city is filled with a festive and peaceful atmosphere everywhere, citizens walking in the streets can feel the thick flavor of the New Year.Nightfall, jinan, west railway station neon lights decayed, square beautiful light show, in the light of springs, biqing multi-level, three-dimensional night view lighting effect, both show the modern civilization breath, and build a friendly and peaceful holiday atmosphere, the scene of a jubilant show school holidays make distributes the passengers feel more comfortable, more the feeling of home.Folk culture “make” Big Year, Spring Festival folk activities, make the flavor of the New Year stronger.Fonte New Year Lantern Fair will show the joyful scenery of Spring Festival with bright and lively lantern fair atmosphere. The featured theme temple fair will bring tourists to experience the Prosperous Fonte Chinese New Year. All kinds of activities will be matched with the theme of Spring Festival lantern Fair and bring tourists to enjoy the different Reunion;Impression of Jinan Spring City the most beautiful Lantern Festival to the theme of the national tide, to shock lantern art, exquisite traditional craft, aesthetic art experience to show the charm of Jinan traditional culture;The Venice Theme street light show in Haina City allows visitors to enjoy discounted shopping and food in the glittering light show.During the Spring Festival, harmony Square, Sunshine 100 Phoenix Street, Bailian Outlets, IKEA and many other shopping malls “put on new clothes”, “fu”, red lanterns, all kinds of “tiger element” ornaments can be seen everywhere.Major shopping malls through a series of Spring Festival activities, such as festive scene decoration, beautiful theme exhibition, cultural experience with traditional charm, no matter the discount level, shopping mall activities or beautiful Chen exhibition, all attract consumers’ attention, but also make the taste of The New Year stronger.In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic and consolidate the hard-won prevention and control achievements, more and more people choose to stay in their “second hometown” to enjoy the New Year in a different way.Mr. Wang, a vegetable wholesaler from Heze, Shandong province, has chosen to celebrate the Spring Festival in Huaiyin for the second year. “I will not go home for the Spring Festival this year.Special time node, destined to extraordinary festival.This year, more and more people choose to stay in the Pagoda Tree shade to experience the strong flavor of the Year and the warmth of home.(Report by Wang Yu, Correspondent of Dazhong Daily · Dazhong Daily Client Reporter Wang Jian)