Love Myth: Where is the myth in love?

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To be honest, I didn’t actually see love in this movie, at least not the kind of love that young people pursue.The film is really very simple, nearly two hours around several characters in circles, the hero Lao Bai, a middle-aged painter, there is no great economic pressure, a house to collect rent, usually tutoring students painting.At the beginning, Lao Bai accompanied Miss Li to watch a drama, and then had a one-night stand. He thought he had found love, but as a result, he was making breakfast in the kitchen the next morning, and Miss Li secretly escaped, and accidentally broke the heel of a high-heeled shoe.Old White naturally very uncomfortable, want to question, but also feel that they have no position, so wrote a poem to send friends circle, the result miss Li liked, he immediately laughed.So middle-aged people are so easily satisfied.And then to the second date, old white originally wanted a “two people” world, the first student gloucester rhea uninvited, sobbed her husband has been kidnapping came running to him (a listen to is false), and then to his ex-wife bud bud is still before her mother-in-law to give her a lot of things, and old friends do not help, and finally became a big table.Here is actually quite wonderful, three women a play, on the surface of a quiet, in fact, say words like sharp arrows shot everywhere, two men dare not speak for fear of being accidentally injured.And this one night, it looks like Gloria slept with White, and then transferred him 25 grand, saying it was money for the painting.After the old white mou full strength to chase Miss Li, but Miss Li always a little half-way, often let the old white help to pick up her daughter, but do not want to be with the old white relationship closer, especially when the old white said free to let Miss Li take children to live in, Miss Li is also like to run away.But she did not completely reject the old white, can only say that the woman’s mind you do not guess.Later, Miss Li and Gloria helped White get the gallery for his exhibition.Old black and old white had been conflicted, a look of no contact, the results of the old white handed a ladder, he immediately down, and a pair of good looks, but this is also very true friendship ah.Old white and made a table of good food, was going to thank Miss Li and Gloria, the ex-wife came again, said the former mother-in-law let her advise the old White House transfer to the son dove, because the old white mother worried about the old white married after the wife no matter the son.This time, there was peace at the table, and The old Man told the story of his love life when he was young, which moved several women to a great extent.But whether this love story is true or not, I didn’t know until I read it.And the next day, Old Black died.It’s a bit obtrusive and not sentimental at all, probably because the character has always been so funny.But when the exhibition was about to be held, Lao Bai touched the curator “Lao Wu” written on it, and suddenly his eyes became sour.Old white opened a memorial meeting for old black. At the meeting, we watched the movie “Love Myth” mentioned by him, but we couldn’t understand it at all. Several people were so bored that they yawned and finally Old White proposed to make snacks for everyone.In the kitchen, Bai received a wechat message from Li, inviting him for coffee.It looks like they might have a chance.In fact, Lao Bai is really nice, he is gentle and considerate, he is good at cooking, he can draw, and there is no economic pressure, but I think it is better to be friends with him than to be a husband. If Miss Li finally chooses him, I think his ex-wife, Beibei and Gloria will still come to have a free meal from time to time.In this movie, I don’t really see love, but I do see friendship, the way they sit together and eat and drink, it’s so nice.In addition, the last little Easter egg must not miss, is a group of people after watching the “Love Myth” post circle of friends to ridicule and old white and Miss Li chat, te interesting.