Taste traditional food and experience intangible heritage skills in Four tuan

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Along the “one stream misty rain” footprints all the way east, they came to fengxian in the easternmost side of the town of four tuan.This happy town with fairy wine and the birth of “old eight” is attracting every friend curious about Fengxian with all kinds of unique folk experience activities to make crabapple cake sweet warm spleen and stomach just step into the four groups of life station, the breeze brings a sweet caramel taste.Smelling sweet, we followed the sizzling sound of iron plate, and soon found the source of the rich aroma. On the open fire stove, Mrs. Li was holding the iron plate mold of crabapple flower in one hand, and with the other hand, she was “throwing” the mixed batter and bean paste evenly in the middle of each mold.Then, Mrs. Li quickly lifted the batter to cover the bean paste.This selection and wrapping shows the flexibility and strength of batter itself, testing the operator’s hand speed and experience, presenting the taste of childhood happiness in the traditional craft.Of course, the most let citizens index finger big move is also the production of crabapple cake icing.When the begonia cake is ready to cook, the master evenly sprinkles a large amount of sugar on the lid of the iron plate, and then turns the finished begonia cake upside down on the top and heats it in reverse.The next time the cake is turned, it has a rich caramel color.A bite of the fresh baked begonia cake, sweet and crisp caramel mixed with soft pastry, plus the “looming” bean paste, happiness from the mouth to fill the whole body.Aunt Li told us that she began to learn to make crabapple cake at the age of 20. Although she is retired at home now, making crabapple cake for her grandchildren has become a habit during Chinese New Year and festivals.Mrs. Li hopes that children can feel the charm of Chinese “cake” in this sweet, remember the taste of home.In the activity room of situan Life Station, many children are learning paper carving, a traditional intangible cultural heritage skill, from the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project during winter vacation.Under the guidance of the teacher, the children carefully hold the carving knife, according to the previously described patterns of the knife.Before long, a lifelike tiger appeared on the paper.Summer children who participated in the experience told us, “I have been feeling very bored at home. I came here when I knew there was a paper carving activity.I’m going to carve a baby tiger for my grandparents.I hope the epidemic will end soon, and I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous life.”Small abacus, changming lock, sewing machine…There are old objects exhibition hall in this living station, attracting many tourists and citizens to visit.Citizens Chen led the daughter stopped in a glass case, explain the use of these old items to the child also tell her hometown development change, “to take children to see how four group developed slowly, take her to see me when I was young and her grandfather was a child, compared to scenic spots, shopping malls, a little bit less people here.”In addition to experiencing the production of crabapple cake and learning the intangible heritage paper, There are many traditional food and folk customs in Situan Town, such as the old Eight samples, fairy wine, traditional storytelling and so on.