“Worldly” CAI xiaoguang: outfit value other people 33 flatlet, regrettable age is young blind

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The longer the show goes on, the more younger viewers can’t stand it.This is what story, too sad, although the world is sad, but after all, we still want to watch happy work.But the older audience felt that this book was the true portrayal of the world.Let’s talk about CAI Xiaoguang today.People in the world, from the governor to the middle intellectuals, and all kinds of small people.The character of CAI Xiaoguang must be in the middle and upper reaches of the world.I’m afraid in this play, in addition to the bad luo Shibin, CAI Xiaoguang belongs to the play’s second rich characters.CAI Xiaoguang is really rich, but also really blind.CAI Xiaoguang’s outfit is worth 33 sets of houses in the play Nan admitted to the university that year, should be 91 years, Nan died in 93 years.After Nannan died, the school in the United States is to call CAI Xiaoguang, after CAI Xiaoguang notice of Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan, some people are still here to ask why Nannan left the phone is CAI Xiaoguang, rather than his uncle Zhou Bingyi.I’m afraid the truth is very simple is also very hurt, even if Zhou Bingyi has become the mayor, but there is still no mobile phone belonging to their own, look at all the people inside the zhou family, only Zhou son-in-law CAI Xiaoguang has such a phone.Therefore, CAI Xiaoguang may deserve this phone even earlier than 93 years.In the early 1990s, mobile phones were a luxury afforded to bosses.CAI Xiaoguang was answering nannan school phone, open santana.As you all know, santana in those days was very expensive.So let’s calculate a CAI Xiaoguang’s outfit much money: Santana about 300 thousand, mobile phone about 30 thousand.$330,000 in these two outfits alone.Yes, I feel indifferent when I see this number nowadays. After all, it is normal for ordinary families to take out 300,000 yuan.Let’s take a look at people’s salaries at that time. In the early 1990s, people were making around 100 yuan a month (some of them were less than 100 yuan).If you don’t eat or drink 10,000 yuan a year, it would take 33 years for an ordinary person to achieve CAI xiaoguang’s wardrobe.If according to the then house price calculation, at that time the mainland house price almost but 1000 yiping.If one house is calculated at 100 square meters, CAI xiaoguang’s outfit is worth 33 houses.So, this time you can feel CAI Xiaoguang’s money?But how could he be blind?CAI Xiaoguang, handsome, elegant, never found anything wrong with his life, his career was infinitely successful and he was so rich.However, why is he young is blind to Zhou Rong?Chou Chou before, CAI Xiaoguang cover for Zhou Rong fall in love, after Zhou Rong marriage, CAI Xiaoguang unilaterally become Zhou Bingkun’s brother-in-law, every time as long as Zhou Rong find, no matter how busy CAI Xiaoguang is, no matter how difficult things are, CAI Xiaoguang will not hesitate to do.Witnessed Zhou Rong with Feng Cheng in the marriage of a chicken and hysteria, or in Zhou Rong after divorce firmly said to marry her.Even though many viewers knew that CAI Xiaoguang would eventually marry Zhou Rong in the original novel, when CAI Xiaoguang marries Zhou Rong in the drama version, they will wonder why this guy is so blind.Only one possibility, CAI Xiaoguang’s mobile phone is not as fun as today’s smart phones, so CAI Xiaoguang wants to marry Zhou Rong.Zhou Rong, selfish, life only oneself, not suitable to marry to do a wife.So ah, probably the original work of the author for CAI Xiaoguang pity, young blind has not been treated really terrible, so the author let CAI Xiaoguang off the track, but also out of a lot of people.This finally found a bit of balance, and you see Zhou Rong knew CAI Xiaoguang cheat after not angry, right?Because zhou Rong such a woman, do things only for their own good, CAI Xiaoguang derailed, but their spirit or love, and CAI Xiaoguang’s material conditions are also her, she why to toss about.Conclusion Actually, think carefully, the audience do not look at Zhou Rong, one is in scold Zhou Rong, but Zhou Rong in this play represents the new era of women, and CAI Xiaoguang so transparent characters appreciate is Zhou Rong’s ideological aspects.Therefore, can not say CAI Xiaoguang blind, can only say CAI Xiaoguang marry Zhou Rong, may marry is his youth.We think CAI Xiaoguang such advanced personage likes Zhou Rong, is not really blind?Welcome to leave a message.