A shares: up!This plate, callback risk in fermentation!

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A shares: up!This plate, callback risk in fermentation!Today Friday, A shares to close, A week of time and the past, now the market rotation intensification, subject matter one after another, next no matter you are empty or full, I have to give A few reminders!1, today’s market is affected by the news from the other side, the collective low open, then the Sse Sse shock higher, gem horizontal collation, compared to the overseas market, has been very strong.Plate, steel, cement, infrastructure and other gains in the top, battery, photovoltaic, semiconductor led the decline, the number of stocks up or down to half, generally can.At present, the market rotation is still very fast, in the case of hot new subject matter, the track stock adjustment today, capital and subject matter and steady growth of the direction, the east and west calculation project officially started, data center concept full screen trading, some steel stocks with the transformation of data center has also been detonated.However, the volume of the market is still not large, the sustainability of the theme will be discounted, we carefully participate in.8 Yang 2, coal, 10 day, today is a 4 cm, the line of the medium and long term view, the new capacity of coal space is limited, the existing production capacity has been fully mining, coal supply will precede demand peak, can support high coal prices, coal enterprises will usher in continuous high profit era, shares will, in the short term,Be aware of the need for a pullback after a series of rallies.At present, the population aged 65 and above in China is 168 million, accounting for 13.5% of the total population. In the face of population aging, the pension industry has gradually emerged in recent years, and the market size of the silver economy has risen rapidly, which is also a trillion-level market.In the direction, we can focus on the segmentation of smart pension.4, seed industry plate is currently in a small rebound after the shrinkage of the horizontal collation interval.The trend of several stocks is also very healthy, there are signs of continuing to attack, the logic has been repeatedly told us before, one is the attention of the country, the other is the implementation of gm commercial expectations, for the improvement of the profitability of the head of enterprises, this can be paid attention to.5. Generally speaking, there are too many themes for one-day Tours nowadays, just like soil remediation and environmental protection yesterday. Most of them are at a low price without any premium.At present, the market is at the bottom of the shock stage, a theme a day, if you fast point is ok, can eat some meat, slow hand chasing high quilt set, so we still see less now, low suction is the main, do not chase high!# Stock market comment #