Go to the Xiaolian Cultural Village in Yueyang County

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Recently, in Yueyang County Rongjiawan town Xinrong Village Jie Four Ou by four auditorium, from time to time came bursts of laughter.”It is good to promote filial piety culture, and the government takes the lead in respecting the elderly.”Nowadays, the family members are more united, and all say that they should look up to the example of xiaolian”……Ou Sanzhi and other elderly people in the auditorium, while watching the villagers spontaneously organized the Spring Festival party, while carrying out a heated discussion, happy.Ou Minghui, an old man over 70 years old, has been living at home alone since his wife left 20 years ago.In the past, as the most “famous” poor family in the village, Ou Minghui’s material and spiritual life has always been the biggest concern of the villagers.Hearing that the village wanted to raise money to rebuild the auditorium, he was the first to take the lead in donating 2,000 yuan in cash, which I do not know where to save, so touched.Ou Sanzhi is a retired official of The Tax bureau in Yueyang County. He contributed and contributed to the construction of the new countryside, not only not a cent of his salary, but also donated 30,000 yuan of his retirement salary.Old New York in villages 毑 is as new as its own business in building public service.They bought popsicles, watermelons, cans and other summer supplies to the site, sympathy is the construction of the masters……The list of such good deeds goes on.Now, with the joint efforts of everyone, the auditorium has been completed, and the villagers have a new venue for meetings and activities. Ou Minghui goes to the auditorium to sit in his spare time. We can play chess, drink tea, chat, and dance to keep fit.By the reconstruction of the four auditorium, is jie four Ou in the excavation of local clan inherited “loyalty and filial piety lian Jie” fine family style based on local conditions to create a cultural brand.For nearly 300 days and nights, the team worked tirelessly and without pay.Villagers spontaneous donations, active efforts, build travel filial chong lian, upward good social fashion.At the beginning of jiesiou’s construction activities in recent years, it innovatively implanted the culture of filial integrity into the whole process of construction.In the fourth auditorium, a special exhibition hall is set up to display the list of donations and the wall of filial piety culture, rolling broadcast of the villagers to promote the spirit of filial piety, and strive to make the culture of filial piety visible, tangible and practical.Jie four o follow villager chang Lin said, we will continue to develop traditional outstanding xiaolian deeds, house rules within the scope of village family precepts, etc., at the same time find the correspondency of xiaolian elements and local cultural characteristics, in the form of a carrier of more and more, guide the clan villagers dimensional feeling xiaolian cultural charm, promote to form good social fashion up for good.Mouth yueyang daily all media reporter Tall wisdom