Gu Ailing won the championship, yuanwang Valley limit, what kind of love is this?

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At the Winter Olympics, freestyle skiing champion today.In the women’s big jump final, Gu Ailing won the gold medal with 93.75/88.5/94.5 triple jumps.This news actually boosted the stock market, yuanwang Valley in response to the limit.Retail investors speak, in the far look at the valley gu Ailing champion, did not expect the valley yuan Wang trading…….Then, today, yuanwang valley into the (shareholders heart) Guailing concept, like a limit.After the market again came a positive.Affordable rental housing loans are not included in the real estate loan concentration management, which is a good real estate affordable housing.I took a look at the requirements, refined them a little.Banks and financial institutions shall not be included in the real estate loan concentration management for loans granted to low-income rental housing projects.Banks, financial institutions, more support for affordable housing strictly enforce the relevant statistical system, make sure that the data is accurately informed the use of real estate loan concentration management of the banking financial institutions we all know, in order to prevent excessive housing bubble.Many restrictive policies have been formulated, the key of which is the loan system.For the real estate industry, there is a high rate of capital turnover characteristics.And that’s why in the short run we’re looking at policy, we’re looking at financial policy.At both ends of supply and demand, there are few people who buy houses with full payment, and there are no people who build houses with their own funds.So both ends of real estate trading, all around capital leverage.I see a lot of real estate we media are not happy, think that this is the relaxation of real estate, real estate agents are brainwashed, the core is that the house is going up again.In fact, anything, to ask a few why, the answer will be.Why care about someone else’s rhythm?How else would he sell it?Can’t sell what does he eat?The key word of this policy is affordable housing, not so-called commercial housing.So what’s good for stocks here?We look at the recent rise in good shape to maintain a healthy, is not the construction sector?Whether commodity housing or security housing, is it necessary to build?In fact, this plate has been saying for years.Another direction, is today’s oversold rebound.That’s where the money is focused. Let’s see which ones get started first.First is the performance of thunder, yesterday explosion hammer rebound today.Another is digital currency, which is the software direction emphasized many times in the past year.These two main lines, are the shape of the more comfortable.Baijiu is the main force of today’s hit, I have also done technical analysis of the video after the plate.On the logic of supply and demand, the performance before the year did not meet expectations.Liquor consumption, has appeared weak.This is also the year of the Ox Spring Festival after the opening, I should be the first net to sing blank wine reasons.This plate, has not yet fallen through.I have said many times that baijiu has been in our land for less than 300 years.It wasn’t until 49 years later that it really became popular, and it was packaged as the cultural heritage of the previous year.Many of us know Chinese characters, but not many of us can understand them.After any bubble is born, there is only one end of brief madness, and that is to leave a field of chicken feathers.Liquor and pork, these two directions overdraw too much, the current opportunity only exists in the grab rebound.There’s a technical problem. You have to get out of here before the money goes in, and you have to get out before the knife goes out.Next, technical analysis.Yesterday, it was predicted to close in 3455 area, and finally closed at 3452. The error of 3 points is ok.But the process is more complex, intraday once fell below 3400 points.This is I did not expect, of course, after the bearish factors are helping to fall.More involved pharmatech after the announcement, claiming to have nothing to do with that list.But Hong Kong stocks have fallen for worship, A shares are also close to the limit.Technical pattern, the year before the low will not break, at least until 3566 will not break.Intraday trend today, a minute box to complete 3432 later a squat, smashed box and integer pass.Here I believe you are panicking, so review the video and tell you that there will be a fix in the afternoon.Best stand 5 minutes 250 average line, this is the most recent trading line, we should feel more market.This trend is a 60 minute level up.Over time, there will be at least seven K lines going up.This is actually doomed years ago, today’s intraday drop is a test, and it is expected to come again on Thursday.However, the range should not be larger than today, in the short term, there will be a 1-minute high tomorrow.If you like the price difference, you can make a little subtraction here and eat it on Thursday.Tomorrow’s forecast, I am looking at the sun cross, the close to overcome 3460 points on the good.In this case, a lower level of construction is required to go up again.So much for today’s article, after all, after the year we are enjoying the rebound, might as well enjoy a few more days.