Adhere to the people-centered development philosophy to create a safe and smooth traffic environment

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In order to deeply practice the people-centered development thought and create a safe and smooth traffic environment, the traffic police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau further improves the ideological understanding and political position, further compacts the responsibility, strengthens the mission, and completes the road traffic security work solidly.Since January, the city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment started high-level duty, with a strong sense of political responsibility, mission and urgency to win the Spring Festival traffic security battle, for the masses to travel to create a safe, smooth road traffic environment.Lu ‘an public Security traffic police analyze and judge traffic flow direction, flow, traffic violations, traffic accidents and other characteristics in advance, study countermeasures and measures in advance according to the results of research and judgment, formulate plans and work deployment in advance, and ensure the timely implementation of diversion measures in case of traffic congestion and emergency alarm.The police of the detachment organs and departments were dispatched to rural areas, focusing on strengthening the dredging and control of expressway service areas and the density of patrol and control in key parts such as national and provincial trunk lines, rural roads and scenic roads, to ensure orderly, safe and smooth road traffic.Give full play to the joint attendance mechanism of the “three parties along the Road” of the expressway, strengthen garrison patrol and control, and work together to ensure smooth transportation and emergency response in strict accordance with the requirements of the emergency plan in case of emergencies.Close coordination and cooperation between the highway brigade, according to the detachment command center unified scheduling command, to achieve seamless docking, to ensure traffic congestion and emergency alarm, synchronous measures such as intermittent dredging, remote diversion, multi-point diversion, to prevent large areas of long-term congestion on the highway.In view of the sudden increase of people and traffic before and after the Spring Festival, lu ‘an public security traffic police increased the control of key sections, adhere to the normal traffic safety governance at the same time,Focus on vehicles in traffic safety centralized renovation, drunken driving drunk YeZha unified action, the common GuoShengDao lorry overrun overload control, large road vehicle “no fatigue, no speeding, keep right” and other special projects, bat “two guest a dangerous goods” key vehicles, such as “SanChao a fatigue”, drunken driving drunk, one passenger and other serious violations;Conscientiously organize and carry out carpooling and chartered car management, accurately intercept, inspect and analyze the key vehicles deployed and controlled, so as to track the source and hit the outcast;In view of the increased risk of traveling for farming and working outside the city, we deepened cooperation and cooperation with the city’s rural public security police stations, strengthened joint attendance linkage, effectively strengthened the investigation and punishment of illegal acts such as carrying passengers and carpooling in rural areas, and comprehensively created a high pressure situation of strict control and strict investigation, and achieved good results.Since January, a total of 185,000 traffic violations have been investigated in The city, including 489 cases of drunk driving (313 cases of drunk driving, 176 cases of drunk driving), 393 cases of driving without a license, and 553 cases of overcrowding.Warm heart rescue Keep him safe luan public security traffic police in places such as high-speed service area, the counseling service station station set up love, traffic safety, equipped with hot water, kit, provides a rest place, vehicles, and regular inspection to the driver and passenger traffic safety publicity materials during Spring Festival, to help people when they are in trouble, make the duty combined law enforcement and caring services,Safe and warm.Since January, lu ‘an public security traffic police relying on the “seven into” publicity and education activities, through the dissemination of publicity materials, on-site consultation, send the word “fu” and other ways, to the masses to explain traffic safety laws and regulations and safe travel common sense;Continue to publicize traffic safety cartoons and accident warnings in high-speed service areas, passenger terminals, traffic management service Windows and other places;Relying on the TRAFFIC police post LED screen, urban outdoor electronic screen, highway guidance screen and other rolling play traffic safety warning content all day long;Hanging traffic safety banners at crowded places such as urban and rural main roads, stations, shopping malls and expressway service areas;Relying on 1818 rural loudspeakers to carry out warning and prompt publicity in rural dialect;Through the “two micro and one Shake” platform, a variety of news media, SMS platform, key drivers wechat group and other platforms to release safety tips and rectification work, the results achieved, timely exposure of typical traffic violations, publicity of traffic laws and regulations, explain the harm of traffic violations.Since January, migrant workers have returned to Lu ‘an in succession, and the volume of all kinds of vehicle driving management business has increased sharply. In order to deal with various businesses for the masses quickly and efficiently, the DMV has taken multiple measures at the same time, actively taking measures to cope with the business peak before the Spring Festival, to ensure that the vehicle management window is orderly.Peak for the positive response to the business, further will study party history education and the development of “people centered” project learning education into concrete actions for the people “, the DMV contingency plans in advance, detailed measures to sink a line, accurate command of leading groups and many measures and guarantee business orderly, to do business on the day that day,Let the driving service more warm.During the period, through going to work in advance, not coming off work at noon, extending the handling time and other ways to improve the speed of business handling to relieve the peak pressure, with the shortest time for the masses, until the completion of the last business, and constantly enhance the people’s sense of satisfaction.In the business hall to arrange a person to post in advance, for the masses to provide guidance to do services, consulting solutions, business inform and other services, to guide the masses to handle business orderly;In the inspection channel to strengthen the guide force, diversion vehicles, ensure that the inspection vehicles do not block other traffic flow road.At the same time, all requirements for epidemic prevention and control should be strictly implemented, and the general public should be reminded to strengthen prevention and control measures, strengthen all aspects of epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job on a regular basis.Since January, there has been no business backlog in the vehicle management business hall and inspection area. The vehicle management workstations have also been running efficiently and orderly, undertaking more vehicle driving management business. During this period, more than 73,177 driving license business and 47,786 motor vehicle business have been handled.END