Can’t afford to lose?China swept gold and silver in speed skating, Korean media: Home advantage, Beijing Winter Olympics too bad

2022-07-02 0 By

China’s Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong won the gold and silver MEDALS in the men’s 1,000m race at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night. Liu Shaolin of Hungary was disqualified for crosscutting and a yellow card for pushing.In the end, The Chinese team became the biggest winner, taking the gold and silver MEDALS in one event.Some of the other teams were upset by the Chinese performance, but the South Korean team was the most emotional. Social media in South Korea quickly became full of criticism of Lim And Lee after they swept the gold and silver MEDALS in the 1,000m event.A South Korean media was even more direct, writing several articles to attack a number of Chinese athletes, and even bluntly saying that the Chinese team won the gold medal only by the home advantage. They also commented that the Beijing Winter Olympics was the worst ever.The South Korean newspaper wrote an article with the headline: Disqualification for surpassing China?Such are the rules of short track speed skating, sparking outrage among South Korean Internet users.The headline suggested ren relied on the judges to win, but in fact Hungary’s Liu Shaolin made a crosscut in the final stretch that caused Ren to lose her balance, which was ruled by the referee after a review.In addition, the south Korean media also specially to write the article, taking the semi-final Korean players Huang Daxian, Li Xiaojun disqualified invoked, the truth is China’s cb “intentionally” to let Huang Daxian, Li Xiaojun outs, this article is obvious enough, south Korean media that his two south Korean players out there is a “insider”.The title of the third article, which was written later, specifically read, Korean short track speed skating team cried.The Winter Olympic Games began so far, the South Korean team so far 0 gold harvest, performance is not good.In fact, this argument is hard to believe, given the transparency of the Beijing Winter Olympics, where every speed skating event, every detail of the turn was caught, every push and foul was reviewed on video, and the judges did their best to ensure fairness.It is worth mentioning that the Korean national sports team is the team that always likes to “play the black hand”. For example, Hwang Dae-heon, who was eliminated in the semifinals of the 1,000m event, had even pushed his Korean teammates and pushed Lee Hyo-jun out of the field in a competition, which was later caught and punished.As well as numerous other incidents in which Korean athletes intentionally pushed people, it has become a familiar situation in the short-track speed skating field.Under such circumstances, the South Korean media should dare to attack Chinese athletes, which is surprising, the South Korean media did not see the situation clearly on the release of radical remarks, will only bring more controversy to the South Korean sports team.(Lin Xiaoshi)