In 1937, our 5000 Shanxi Suiyuan army was blocked by tens of thousands of Japanese troops, fighting 10 days and 10 nights of bloody battles in Yuanping

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Article | Yang chai said history editing | Yang chai said history of Japanese people will think of the Anti-Japanese War, war will be thinking of the Japanese left earlier in our country, no one does not feel angry for it.However, in Shanxi Yuanping town there is a Japanese for the Red Army of our revolutionary stone, named “Our unknown soldier comfort tower”, in order to commemorate those in the battlefield of the battle of our soldiers, when happened, and why let the Japanese so feel admire, and set up tombstone?It started with the Yuanping Battle in 1937.As the Japanese war of aggression against China, the national anti-japanese frenzy, although is the unity of our people, but in the face of the enemy suppressed by powerful weapons, early also eat a lot of losses, a lot of land expropriation are falling into the hands of the Japanese aggressors, but also has a good geographical advantage region has become a battleground, perennial with fire, with blood red earth.As the war of Resistance against Japan became more and more fierce, it now moved to the interior of China.When the Japanese attack shanxi, because of the particularity of the geographical location, Xinkou has become a place of contention on both sides, but for the forces, the Japanese army is obviously much stronger than the Red Army at that time, one is because of the excellent degree of weapons and ammunition;Second, the Japanese army is well trained and has very strong combat ability.Third, the Japanese invasion is premeditated for a long time, and a detailed plan.Under various conditions, China is on the losing side.In the face of the Japanese attack, in order to ensure the victory of the war, we often use the number of troops larger than the Japanese to defeat the enemy, but in history, there are many examples of victory by fewer, such as the Yuanping interception battle in Shanxi Province.Although under the Japanese powerful fire suppression, our people still have the courage to resist, flexible use of geographical advantages and the mind, also made a lot of achievements on large and small battle, also some is to rely on their strong will, indomitable spirit in the historical stories, late for the victory of the Anti-Japanese War laid a solid foundation,For example, in 1937, the Yuanping Battle in Shaanxi province, where our 5,000 Shanxi Suiyuan Army fought with 70,000 Japanese troops to the death in a very difficult resistance against Japanese aggression, they resisted for 10 days and 10 nights with the wall of their own flesh and blood, which is remembered by history.Shanxi, because of its special geographical location, became an important revolutionary base for our army after the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. However, after the Lugou Bridge Incident in 1937, the Japanese army captured many important strongholds in North China and beat our army to retreat repeatedly.In the face of such a strong offensive, the Japanese army became even more bloated and decided to gather forces to completely capture all of North China, leaving the base in Shansi in a precarious position.In order to effectively block the Japanese advance route, in order to ensure the safe withdrawal of the base area, so the superior decided to send by Jiang Yuzhen led the Shanxi Suiyuan Army 34 army 198 brigade to block the Japanese surprise attack.At that time, Jiang Yuzhen led his 5,000 men to Shanxi. In order to more effectively block the Japanese attack, jiang Yuzhen’s first step was to investigate the special geographical position and structure near Shanxi and select areas easy to defend and difficult to attack as important points to block the invasion.At that time, Xinkou is in the north of shanxi, is a steep mountainous area, the terrain is dangerous and the road is too narrow and rugged, coupled with a natural river in the middle of the two mountains, has become a congenital trench, is the first line of defense formed by nature.With this unique geographical environment, it is easy to block the Japanese occupation of Shanxi, so many troops including the Shanxi Suiyuan army and the Red Army have been stationed, waiting for the arrival of the Japanese army.At the same time as the Chinese troops were assembled, the Japanese troops also arrived in Shanxi and launched an invasion of some surrounding counties.Although the Chinese side has been assembled, but the strategic deployment has not been completed, in order to block the enemy’s in-depth and positional deployment, Jiang Yuzhen received orders from superiors, he led the 196 brigade troops immediately rushed to Yuanping, block the enemy’s further aggression in Shanxi.The top priority is to block the Japanese army.So after receiving superior orders, Jiang Yuzhen led his 196 brigade day and night, to the mission of holding the original position.On the occasion of departure, the superior counted the soldiers of 196 brigade, “Jiang Brigadier, how many soldiers are our troops altogether?””Report, 5,000 men.””Very good, this time the task of holding the plain is handed over to your soldiers, guarding Shanxi is our bounden duty, set out!”As the troops gradually go gradually far, Jiang Yuzhen again received a telegram sent by the superior, but this time let Jiang Yuzhen frown locked.”This time the number of invading Japanese troops is large, roughly tens of thousands of people, you need to defend the original 7 days”.In the face of the superior telegram, Jiang Yuzhen knows the weight of the telegram, but in order to later block the Japanese deployment, even if they face the enemy equipment is good, the number of more, he must stick to it, he also knows that this will be a blood and life in exchange, even if only one left him, he also at all.The original so-called Xinkou last line of defense, natural status is very important, if this is lost, then the late xinkou blockade and behind the Shanxi base is also hanging by a thread.As a result, under the command of Brigade 196 jiang accelerated the pace, before the Japanese arrived on September 30, came to Yuanping in advance.After coming to yuan Ping, Jiang Brigadier in the city of a Li mansion as a temporary stronghold, held an emergency meeting, concise deployment of defensive measures in the city.And also specially ordered to charge the soldiers, this is a long war with less battle, 7 days of resistance have their own special skills, raise troops for a thousand days, use soldiers for a while, even if the death is also dead to its place, the death is valuable.Jiang Brigadier’s words always inspire the soldiers behind, the soldiers passionate response to jiang Brigadier is also very gratified.After the meeting, the soldiers have been put into the pre-war preparation, repair trenches, bastion, one by one in the face of the coming Japanese army is very looking forward to, all hope to courageously kill the enemy on the battlefield, beat the enemy.On the other hand, Brigadier Jiang was overwhelmed.”Even after more than 20 years of battles, I killed countless enemies on the battlefield, but in the face of the coming Japanese army, I still have no bottom in my heart, how to resist the enemy’s 5,000 troops of ten thousand artillery fire, if I win, I will be successful, perhaps will be famous for thousands of years.But if I lose, not only will I lose my land, but thousands of people will suffer.Although facing the Japanese army is not sure, but as a soldier and has received the order of the country, I should be duty-bound to do the best.As the night faded, the soldiers who stood firm on the wall suddenly found a cloud of dust not far away. They took a closer look and found that a Japanese team quietly touched the plain and wanted to take it by surprise.But it was still discovered by our soldiers, so under the command of Brigadier Jiang, “wait until the enemy reaches the range, don’t worry, give me a mercilessly hit.”The first sino-Japanese war took place in Yuanping.The well-trained Japanese army was not so easy to be repelled, they used wheeled warfare, launched a series of attacks.In the face of the Japanese attack for many times, we obviously struggle against it, coupled with the other side’s advanced weapons and equipment, so that we began to be difficult to fend off.Seeing our soldiers blocked, Jiang Brigade commander in order to encourage the morale of his teammates, so personally came to the front command battle.The soldiers saw Brigadier Jiang came to the scene command, feel very surprised and surprised, so all began to raise the spirit, continue to fight with the Japanese.After several rounds of fierce fighting, the Japanese failed to take advantage, so they changed tactics and highlighted the battlefield.Game 1 victory, this let the forces of the soldiers are very excited, but it can be for the battle-hardened Jiang Yuzhen brigade major not so simple, the Japanese retreat was bound to come back again, and to test their strength, the heavy weapons will enable the aircraft and artillery, in order to confuse the enemy, ginger brigade to come up with a sleeve, told the men to men.”What, empty city plan!Will that work?”In the face of Jiang Brigade long strategy, let his people are very shocked, he does not understand why to do so.But after jiang Brigade long’s explanation, but let everyone be convinced.”First, if we do not annihilate the Japanese after the first engagement, they will surely report to their superiors and launch another attack.Given the strength of the Japanese army, they must be equipped with many large weapons, such as planes and tanks;The Number of Japanese this is more than their number, blindly defend the city, the Japanese again will certainly use all the forces, when their own forces can not resist 3 minutes, let alone insist on 7 days in the city;We need to conserve our energy, and we need to use our brains more on our own turf.Sure enough, it did not take long, the Japanese aircraft from the top of the original city circling, but under the strategy of Jiang Brigadier, the soldiers in the city were hidden early.See no one in the city, the Japanese attack again, in their eyes think in the last war to see their own fierce, so have moved the location, so they relax their vigilance.Let the Japanese never thought of is, when their troops neighbor city, our soldiers one by one out of hiding, a grenade rain to the Japanese feet, was blown up.They had no idea that our soldiers were capable of such tactics.However, in the face of a large number of enemy troops, in the back row of the Japanese had already set up mortars, have started our positions, followed by the Japanese air support, one intensive missile fell from the air, the battlefield instantly dust, artillery fire.Under these circumstances, many of our men were killed by the enemy’s fire, and before we could respond, the enemy’s sluggers rushed to the front and strafed our camp.With the opening of enemy machine gunners, the Japanese army in the rear took this opportunity to attack our city, one by one, like evil dogs, dark and oppressive to our army, so that our soldiers began to be afraid.In the face of the enemy so offensive, looking at the frightened soldiers, Jiang Brigade commander again went to the front command soldiers, “pick up your gun, today who if kill an enemy officer, I reward him a piece of ocean, kill three carry rank, kill many.”Jiang Brigade commander picked up a machine gun rushed forward, encouraged soldiers by the way into a sharpshooter, one enemy fell to the ground.But again severe marksmanship also can not resist the number of 70 thousand enemy troops, in such an offensive, the 196 brigade of 7 days bitter because of the lack of bullets into a bitter battle, a soldier fell in the enemy under the muzzle.Just then the superior issued another instruction, “three more days.”Watching cable, ginger brigade major dilemma, but military orders, it is difficult to imagine myself to insist, even if only one person, so in the following three days, ginger brigade commander and the soldiers, taking advantage of the city streets and alleys with devil played the guerrilla warfare, but fists but against four hands, each soldier or lay down on the enemy’s weapon,Only a few hundred of the 5, 000-man 196 Brigade survived after three grueling days.The period of three days was finally successful, when Jiang Brigadier led the surviving soldiers to break out of the siege when the evacuation, but was found by the enemy, after a gunshot Jiang Brigadier fell in a pool of blood, plain war, with jiang Brigadier’s death.After the battle, the Japanese army occupied Yuanping, the Japanese senior officials came to the scene, heard our 5,000 soldiers courageously against the Japanese army after the deeds of deep admiration, so in the local for the dead Chinese soldiers set up a monument to admire the spirit of Chinese soldiers.Note: the picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to delete, thank you!