It’s about you and me!There will be many new changes to Social Security this year

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Pensions for retired workers will rise in 18 consecutive years, medical reimbursement will be made more convenient in places other than their hometowns, and pilot programs will be launched to protect workers with flexible employment such as food delivery drivers from occupational injuries.Social Security affects millions of families.This year, you and I will see many new changes to Social Security.Change 1: How much will retirees’ pensions rise?In this year’s report on the work of the government, we will appropriately raise basic pension benefits for retirees and basic pension benefits for rural and non-working urban residents to ensure that they are paid on time and in full.This means that the pension for retired workers will be increased in 18 consecutive years, and the pension for urban and rural residents will also be increased.In terms of employee pension insurance, the pension benefits will be increased in 2021, benefiting 127 million retirees.How will it increase in 2022?How much higher?A guideline on implementing the Key work division of the Government Work Report, issued by The State Council, requires the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance to take the lead in formulating relevant policies by the end of June.”We will continue to improve people’s livelihood through development and do what we can.”Zheng Gongcheng, president of the China Society of Social Security, said China will also promote national pooling of pension insurance in 2022, so that funds can be used to help each other, and pension payments in poor areas will be more secure.Over the past year, 17 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps increased basic old-age pensions for urban and rural residents, benefiting more than 78 million elderly people, the vast majority of whom are rural residents.This year, seven provinces, including Fujian, Jiangsu, Hainan, Xizang, Ningxia, Guizhou and Shanxi, have announced plans to increase the basic pension for urban and rural residents.Sichuan and other provinces are also clear this year will increase.Change 2: How to promote the direct settlement of inter-provincial medical treatment?By the end of June, it will be announced that, as required, the measures for direct settlement of medical treatment in places other than provincial areas will be improved, and relevant policies will be issued by the end of June.Let common people see a doctor in other places reimbursement procedures more convenient, will undoubtedly be the direction of policy force.At present, direct settlement of expenses in hospital has covered all provinces, all areas as a whole, all kinds of ginseng protect personnel and main personnel go out.The coverage of direct cross-provincial settlement of outpatient fees was further expanded.826 designated medical institutions in 63 regions across the country have launched a pilot project of direct cross-provincial settlement of expenses related to the treatment of chronic diseases in outpatient clinics, including hypertension, diabetes, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for malignant tumors, dialysis for uremia, and anti-rejection treatment after organ transplantation.By the end of February this year, cross-provincial direct settlement of outpatient fees had reached 49,200 online designated medical institutions and 89,800 retail pharmacies.According to Long Xuewen, head of the medical insurance management center of the National Medical Insurance Administration, the pilot areas will be guided to speed up the transformation of information system, expand the pilot scope of direct settlement of outpatient treatment expenses related to chronic disease across provinces, and promote the online and offline settlement of inpatient and outpatient expenses across provinces.The State Council previously required each county to have at least one designated medical institution by the end of 2022 that can provide direct inter-provincial settlement of medical expenses, including outpatient fees.Change 3: How to invest personal Pension?Developing a multi-level and multi-pillar old-age insurance system by the end of April is an important measure to actively respond to the aging of the population and realize the sustainable development of the old-age insurance system.In China, as the first pillar of the basic endowment insurance system is basically sound;As the second pillar, enterprise annuity and occupational annuity systems have been established and gradually improved.However, the development of the third pillar is not standardized, especially the individual pension system has not been introduced, which makes residents lack more stable and more profitable pension investment channels.According to the plan, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance and the China Banking And Insurance Regulatory Commission will take the lead in the work of “continuing to standardize the development of the third pillar old-age insurance” and issue relevant policies by the end of April.As the reporter understands, at present top-level design has been clear, the 3rd pillar includes individual savings sex endowment insurance and commercial endowment insurance two parts, all attend voluntarily by the individual.Among them, the design of tax policy and preferential intensity is the key factor.The Opinions on Promoting the development of Individual Pension have been deliberated and approved at the meeting of the Central Commission for In-depth Reform in December 2021.”After the document is issued, the Ministry will work with relevant departments to formulate and introduce supporting policies to promote the implementation of the system and provide a better institutional guarantee for people’s elderly care.”Related person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said.Insiders say there are two main tasks ahead.The first is to establish a personal pension system supported by taxation and other policies. It is planned to adopt the personal account system to provide more options for workers who participate in basic endowment insurance to accumulate pensions.Second, standardize the development of personal commercial pension financial products, in accordance with the market rules of operation and supervision.They support each other and work together to promote the development of the third pillar.Change 4: When will the national medical insurance drug coverage be unified?By the end of December, the national Medical Insurance Administration will take the lead to basically unify the scope of drug use in national medical insurance by the end of December.This indicates that the national medical insurance drug list will be basically unified soon, and the payment scope of chemical drugs and Chinese patent drugs will be basically the same across the country.According to the guideline on deepening the reform of the medical security system, “the responsibilities and authority of catalogue adjustment between the central and local governments should be rationally divided, and no region should make catalogue or adjust the scope of payment for medical insurance drugs by itself”.Prior to this, the National Medical Insurance Administration has issued the Interim Measures on Medication Management of Basic Medical Insurance, continuously promoting the digestion of supplementary drugs at the provincial level, which has laid a good foundation for unifying the scope of medication used by national basic medical insurance and standardizing insurance payment policies.The reporter learned from relevant departments that, on the basis of unification, the state will further establish and improve the regulation and index system of medical insurance drug list adjustment, and timely include drugs with high clinical value, obvious benefits for patients and excellent economic evaluation into the scope of medical insurance payment according to the procedure, so as to provide more new drugs and good drugs for the people.Since its establishment, the National Medical Insurance Administration has adjusted the national medical insurance drug list for four consecutive years, adding 507 drugs to the national medical insurance coverage and removing a number of “miracle drugs” and “zombie drugs” from the list.Among the rare disease drugs listed in China, more than 40 have been included in the national medical insurance drug list.Change 5: How to protect occupational injury?Occupational injury protection continued to be implemented throughout the year, namely the creation of a new type of work-related injury insurance for food delivery riders and ride-hailing drivers.According to the Opinions on Implementing the Key Division of Work in the Report on the Work of the Government, we will strengthen flexible employment services, improve social security policies for flexible employment, and carry out trials of occupational injury protection for new forms of employment.Due to the lack of stable labor relations, new forms of employment are often difficult to obtain employment injury insurance protection.But with the promotion of relevant policies, this year’s pilot cities and related platforms of new forms of employment, employment will make up the short board of occupational injury protection.Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, said the company will take an active part in the pilot project of occupational injury protection under the guidance of the policy, ensure that the pilot project goes ahead as scheduled, and will pay all the expenses of participating riders.”At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and other provinces have started to carry out pilot preparations for occupational injury protection in the travel, takeaway, instant delivery and same-city freight industries.”Zhang Chenggang, director of the China Research Center for New Employment Patterns at the Capital University of Economics and Business, said that with the establishment of a unified national information platform, the pilot program of occupational injury protection will be officially launched, and experience and data will be explored for the promotion of the program nationwide.What circumstance can occupational injury safeguard protect?What about compensation?According to insiders, occupational injury protection is paid by enterprises on the platform, but not by individuals.The standard of the limits that its safeguard and circumstance, treatment and level, keep consistent as a whole with inductrial injury insurance.