Recently, Chinese white dolphins have been spotted frequently in the Xiagu area

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Two Chinese white dolphins are seen in the xiagu sea off The coast of China on May 23.- Chinese white dolphins play freely in the sea.Xiamen Net news (Xiamen Evening News reporter Ma Xiaoling) recently, if you pay attention in the vicinity of Xiagu, you may have a chance to encounter Chinese white dolphins leaping out of the sea.These “national treasures on the sea” frequently play in xiamen harbor in winter.On the afternoon of January 23, two Chinese white dolphins were playing in the sea near Lujiang Road, which was taken by citizens with mobile phones.In the picture taken by the public, a large and a small two Chinese white dolphins are swimming in the sea, jumping out of the sea from time to time, looking very comfortable and comfortable, attracting the public bursts of astonishment.According to a staff member at xiamen’s Chinese White Dolphin Amphioxus Nature Reserve, Chinese white dolphins have different body colors at different stages of growth. The young are lead-gray, the young have black spots (which may be pink due to blood circulation during exercise), and the old are opalescent.The video shows two Chinese white dolphins, one dark and the other light, with the lighter one approaching old age.It is known that Chinese white dolphins like a warm environment.From December to January each year, xiamen Harbor Neiwan has higher temperatures and smaller waves than Wuyuan Bay. Therefore, during this period, people have the opportunity to see Chinese white dolphins in the waters near Lujiang Road.Xiamen, known as the “garden on the Sea”, has a sea area of 355 square kilometers, a coastline of 194 kilometers, and more than 2,000 kinds of Marine creatures. Thus, xiamen national Nature Reserve for Rare Marine species covers an area of 75.88 square kilometers.It is home to 12 rare species, including The Chinese white dolphin, amphioxus and yellow-billed egret.Data show that the population of Chinese white dolphins in Xiamen has increased from about 60 in the early 1990s to about 80 in recent years.With the birth of young dolphins year by year, the population of Chinese white dolphins in Xiamen showed a good trend of stable and increasing.CAI Libo, director of xiamen Chinese White Dolphin Wenchang Nature Reserve affairs Center, said that the frequent appearance of Chinese white dolphins has a lot to do with the continuous improvement of the city’s Marine environment.In recent years, resource planning departments attach great importance to the management of ecological environment and Marine environment, strengthen protection efforts, Chinese white dolphins like to eat more and more fish.As a result, Chinese white dolphins are appearing more frequently and moving closer to shore.How to measure the population of Chinese white dolphins?Xiamen Chinese white Dolphin Amphioxus Nature Reserve affairs center staff introduction, last century in the 1990s, the three institute of Marine researchers through a number of population surveys, sea observation and other methods, estimated that there are about 60 Chinese white dolphins in the waters of our city.Seven or eight years ago, researchers at the Three oceanographic institutes entered tens of thousands of images of adult Chinese white dolphins taken at sea into a special system.According to the individual characteristics of the photos, such as skin spots, dorsal fins, caudal fins, scars and head proportion, the system can distinguish different Chinese white dolphins, so as to establish a database of each observed Chinese white dolphin.At present, there are more than 60 adult Chinese white dolphins in the file.Since young Chinese white dolphins are in the growing period and their body shape changes frequently, it is not possible to confirm and file by this method.According to the population proportion of Chinese white dolphins, researchers estimate that there are about 80 Chinese white dolphins in zhuhai.Recently, the Huaoyu Chinese White Dolphin Rescue and Breeding Base managed by the Protection Zone Affairs Center of The Municipal Resources and Planning Bureau was rated as the second batch of “Fujian Red Scarf Off-campus Experience Demonstration Base”, along with 70 units in fujian province.Fire island the Chinese white dolphin rescue breeding base, dolphin rescue by the endangered species protection center base and whale of special education park, has the dolphinarium, the Chinese white dolphin museum and multimedia classrooms and other resources, both ocean conservation of rare species, the popular science propaganda, academic exchanges, scientific experiments, the comprehensive function such as ecological view and admire.Since it was officially put into use in April 2006, it has received thousands of visitors from UN officials, national summer camps for students, and research organizations every year.In the future, the Huaoyu Chinese White Dolphin Rescue and Breeding Base will play a leading role as a “demonstration base” according to the requirements of the Provincial Young Workers’ Committee, actively carry out activities such as young pioneers’ holiday teams and weekend studies, and play a positive role in leading the young pioneers to grow into qualified socialist builders and successors.