The days are warm and the mornings are cold, but next week the light rain will come again…

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Today’s weather
Yesterday’s warm everyone is revealed to it today (February 27) continue to shine by the warm cloud rise is still a good weather for travel is suitable for washing lowest temperature recovery is relatively slow city near 7 ℃ most suburbs near 1 ~ 5 ℃ warm during the day the highest temperature gradually continue to up and down to 15 ℃ is still relatively large everyone pay more attention to body feeling temperature gap between day and night changeFlexible dressing northeast wind level 3-4 afternoon to southeast wind level 4-5 relative humidity 85%~30% moisturizing also want to keep up with the next midnight light rain into the night air quality with the wind
The weather trend
The rain will appear on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Umbrellas will be ready again. The rest of the day will be cloudy and the cold air will be weak
Feb 28 (Monday) : cloudy to overcast with light rain, 8 ~ 16℃ Mar 1 (Tuesday) : cloudy with occasional light rain, 8 ~ 12℃ Mar 2 (Wednesday) : cloudy, 5~14℃ Mar 3 (Thursday) : cloudy to overcast, 8 ~ 15℃end
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