Which is better, vacuum cleaner or sweeping robot?Which one should I buy first?Which brand is good?

2022-07-02 0 By

In fact, in household cleaning small household appliances, vacuum cleaners and sweeping robot itself is not a competitive relationship.There is no existence between the two, and many people think that is different, there is a very good cooperation between the sweeping robot and the wireless vacuum cleaner, in the case of both have, can help consumers save a lot of time.The biggest advantage of sweeping robot is to free hands, by the machine itself to complete the most time consumption of the ground cleaning, under the development of contemporary science and technology, can sweep the floor + mop the floor sweeping robot is also common, save a lot of time for consumers.The biggest advantage of the wireless vacuum cleaner lies in its adaptability to multiple scenarios. Under the coordination of different brush heads, the wireless vacuum cleaner can clean almost all occasions in the home:Floor carpet, bed bedding, cloth art sofa, sanitary dead corner, windowsill gap, and even the corner of curtain and ceiling, can be easily cleaned by wireless vacuum cleaner, complete the comprehensive health maintenance in the home.If you can, it’s best to have both, but if you can only buy one or the other, a wireless vacuum is often a better choice.The reason is also very simple, the robot can do things that the vacuum cleaner can also do, but the vacuum cleaner can do things that the robot may not be able to do.In the current mainstream market, domestic vacuum cleaner has a very good cost performance and quality assurance, such as finger housekeeper, lake, chase, millet, Beijing Tokyo made, the United States and other brands are very good, can become a good helper in the field of home.