Cold and wet!People on the first floor burn wood to keep warm?Passive “smoking” of neighbors

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Recently, Mr. Ding, a resident of Shimao Nano Magic City in Songjiang, reported that his neighbors on the ground floor had installed a stove for burning wood in their home and set up a smoke exhaust pipe outside in order to keep warm.Every time the neighbors warm their homes and burn wood, smoke wafts out from the exhaust pipe, filling the air of the entire community with a smell of smoke.Heating means can be oil, radiator, floor heating, small sun and so on, why this family is in love with burning wood heating?How much of an impact does the resulting exhaust have on the neighborhood?The building burning firewood, is a three-story overlapping split-level villa, live in three households, firewood heating, is the first floor residents.Mr. Ding, who lives on the third floor, said he was being smoked every day, while residents on the second floor had been evacuated.Mr. Ding had to seal most of the Windows in his home because the smoke was so strong.In addition to Mr. Ding, the neighbors around the building also lamented to reporters.Neighbors introduced, now has been improved, before, the first floor residents often go to the community to pick up branches used to burn the stove, when the smoke smell is greater.For this matter, everyone dialed 12345 citizen service hotline for many times, and even once called the police, but the bottom floor of this family is still going its own way.So why do people on the first floor insist on burning wood for heating?After a negotiation, the male host Mr. Mi finally let Knews reporters into the house.He explained to the Knews reporter that his parents suffered from rheumatism, the old man could not get used to air conditioning, and the home did not install floor heating, burning wood heating is to make the old man feel comfortable.In fact, there are many ways of heating, even if the home is not equipped with floor heating, there are infrared heating equipment, radiator and other clean heating methods can choose.Why burn wood?In this regard, the head of the community management office told the Knews reporter that Mr. Mi may be out of a filial piety, in order to let the old couple relive the living habits left when they were supporting the border.In addition, Mr. Mi also revealed that his elderly parents are in poor health, and burning wood for warmth is purely to meet the needs of the elderly.As for the pollution of ambient air, Mr. Close explained that at the beginning of buying heaters, he considered this problem, but also deliberately chose the fruit wood that is more resistant to burning.Mr. Ding, who lives on the third floor, admitted that he had done some extreme actions, such as smashing the heating pipes on the first floor.Mr. Mi on the first floor said he had agreed to sit down and coordinate, but Mr. Ding on the third floor did not cooperate.The person in charge of the management office of Sheshan Nano Magic City park said that the public security, environmental protection, urban management and other departments have visited the park, and the management office has coordinated on this matter for many times.On this issue, the sheshan legal aid lawyer said the villa is a commercial property, according to the current regulations, there is no legal basis for the forced removal of heaters.