Create a “strong magnetic field” to build a new highland in the west

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Qu Fangye February 17, Gansu provincial party committee talent work conference held.The meeting stressed the need to fully implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s new ideas, strategies and measures on talent work in the new era and the spirit of the Central Conference on Talent Work, firmly grasp the guidance of “three innovations and one high”, deepen the reform of talent development systems and mechanisms, and strive to build the western region into an important talent center and innovation hub.Let Gansu, a hot land, become a broad stage for talents of all kinds to display their talents and realize their ambitions.A country is governed by its people and its government by its ability.Talent is the primary resource and core element to promote development.In recent years, the economic and social development of our province has made great progress, especially last year’s GDP exceeded one trillion yuan for the first time, which is the result of the hard work of the people of the province, but also the provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to talent work.Future of gansu province to achieve leapfrog development with high quality, full implementation of “difference” to determine goals, the implementation of strong industry, strong science and technology, strong capital, strong county important tasks such as action, will continue to carry out important, xi jinping, general secretary of personnel work according to the provincial party committee’s deployment requirements, closely around the service the entire province reform and development of the big picture,Strive to break institutional barriers, constantly strengthen talent introduction, director actively build entrepreneurial platform, efforts to optimize the talent development environment, continue in the talent “the first resource and core elements” fluctuation kongfu, strive to build the western region important talent highland center and innovation, support for the province’s economic and social development to provide strong talent.First, we will remove institutional obstacles and deepen reform of institutions and mechanisms for talent development.Only by adhering to both innovation and innovation, and deepening the reform of personnel development systems and mechanisms, can we achieve the maximum benefits of talent gathering and scientific and technological innovation through institutions.In recent years, according to the needs of development, Gansu province has innovated the mechanism of talent introduction. The provincial public institutions have introduced high-level and urgently needed talents, which has been changed from “prior approval” to “post-registration”, so as to delegate the power to the employers.Promote the reform of salary system, devolved provincial institution performance wage distribution rights, total audit authority, is part of the examination and approval authority and administrative authority 4, higher authority, further improve the personnel salary, giving greater autonomy of income distribution, this practice is sure by people club department, walk in the forefront of the country.We should continue to remove institutional barriers, focus on prominent problems, especially adhere to the reform of employment autonomy and salary decision-making autonomy, so that employers can recruit talents according to their own needs, stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship, and attract various talents to take root in Longyuan.Second, we will improve the talent evaluation system and create a fair and competitive employment environment.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, “A good environment leads to the accumulation of talents and prosperity of enterprises;If the environment is not good, talents will disperse and the cause will decline.”We should adhere to the principle of “breaking the four principles” and “setting new standards”, and establish a sound talent evaluation system based on innovation ability, quality, effectiveness and contribution.We will innovate incentive mechanisms and build income distribution mechanisms that fully reflect the value of knowledge, technology and other innovative elements, so that talents can gain fame and gain both.Only by establishing and improving a fair talent evaluation system and incentive mechanism, both promotion and benefit distribution should be based on work performance, and “those who are competent are superior and those who are mediocre are inferior”, can we truly attract talents with real talent and learning.Third, we will actively build a platform for entrepreneurs to retain employees.Only by promoting the vigorous development of various undertakings can we attract more talents.Only by attracting talents from all walks of life can various undertakings flourish.Career and talent have always been mutually reinforcing.To help outstanding talents realize their life value, let them find their proper place and find a platform to give full play to their talents is an important basis for the introduction of talents.Talent gather Longyuan, horse racing pentium.As Gansu embarks on a new journey, it plans and deploits talent work in a high position, optimizes the environment for talent development, and takes multiple measures simultaneously to create a “strong magnetic field” for talent gathering.The vast number of talents will also strive to write a new chapter of prosperity and prosperity with high attitude and fruitful achievements.