Don’t want to get married Ye Haiyang, second child born daughter, single parent family children really not so miserable

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Ye Haiyang is a beautiful girl from northeast China. She has a successful career and is financially independent.At the age of 29, she made a bold decision to buy sperm and have children.Ye Haiyang is the only child, the family is ordinary, has suffered a lot since childhood.After college, she founded a cosmeceutical company with her knowledge and courage.In our traditional society, “men should get married when they are older and women should get married when they are older.” Even if she is successful in her career and financially independent and free, she can’t get rid of the fate of being urged to get married.She’s been in two over-affectionate relationships, and both failed.How easy is it to find the right lover and start a family?But if you want to make your home warmer, make your life more complete, and have a child of your own, what should you do?Ye Haiyang, who was not married, decided to do test tubes. In order to make her child more perfect, she went to the United States to buy three tubes of sperm. She chose the sperm of an ivy League student with a mixture of five countries, outstanding appearance and cheerful personality, and spent 500,000 yuan.The first child was successfully bred in the United States, and Ye, like all new mothers, went through a 10-month pregnancy, pregnancy reactions, body shape-shifting and emotional ups and downs.In the late pregnancy, see other pregnant mothers are father with the birth examination, Ye Haiyang also had doubts, but she was still strong to walk down.In 2017, her eldest daughter Doris was born smoothly. Ye Haiyang often shares his daily life with her daughter on the online platform. The little girl is now 5 years old and very clever and lovely.In order to let the daughter in his one hundred years after a family member, not lonely, leaf ocean decided to give birth to 2 children.Due to the pandemic, she shipped her sperm, which she had kept in the United States, to Russia, where it cost her $158, 000 to conceive two babies. A few days ago, the sperm was unloaded and she named Hatti.The two daughters are sisters of the same parents.Ye Haiyang believes that no matter how rich the material life is, it is most precious to leave a close relative for the children.Many netizens expressed their blessing and admiration for Ye Haiyang, who is a woman who truly lives out of herself.No need to be someone’s wife, daughter-in-law, no need to give birth to boys and girls for the wishes of others, she is only the mother of children, children born out of love.However, there are many opposing voices, arguing that Ye’s behavior is selfish.Because for children, because the lack of complete parental love will be miserable, that is, children will be discriminated against in the future.So, is it really tough to be a single parent?1. According to relevant studies, single parents do not affect children’s happiness.There is a bias in our social consciousness that when a child from a single-parent family has problems, people tend to attribute it to the single parent because the single parent label is too obvious.When things go wrong in a two-parent family, people tend to look elsewhere.Researchers from NatCen Research looked at the families of 12,877 seven-year-olds, each of whom was asked “How often do you feel happy?”The results showed that 36 percent of single parents were always happy and 64 percent said they were sometimes happy.The researchers got exactly the same number of responses from intact families.Susan Golombok of the University of Cambridge points out that there are no significant differences in warmth, conflict, stress, children’s happiness and so on between single-parent families and intact families.In fact, family structure itself has little impact on children’s emotional development, and single parenthood does not affect children’s happiness.And it is often the quality of family relationships, rather than the number of family members, that matters.What does Ye Haiyang provide for the healthy growth of children? First of all, it is a solid material foundation. Mr. Fei Xiaotong pointed out in The Birth System that the fundamental reason for the creation of marriage system is to nurture parents.Compared with cooperative parenting in two-parent families, single-parent families may become a single struggle, which may face challenges both financially and in terms of resources.Single moms and dads may also spend less time with their kids in order to support their families.However, Ye Haiyang itself has realized the freedom of wealth and can provide children with a better material life and more advanced educational resources.In addition to the kindergarten fee of 30,000 yuan a month, the eldest daughter can try equestrian, sailing, surfing and other sports activities that ordinary families rarely reach as long as the daughter wants.However, Ye Haiyang spends about 1.5 million yuan a year to raise her daughter. Such abundant material conditions not only enrich her child’s experience, but also expand her vision and cognition.Secondly, it is patient to accompany and pay attention to the economic conditions of the Sea, she can choose another way to have a child, completely do not have to suffer.But both of her children were born on their own.After the child was born, she also went to learn parenting knowledge, do supplementary food for the child, feeding the child at night to change diapers.No matter how busy she was, she did not leave her children to the elderly or a nanny. Even when she was working, she often took her children with her.To have a second child is also a carefully considered choice.After Er Bao’s birth, she posted: “When I had my second child, I learned that love is superimposed.Finally, the power of the right example is boundless.What Ye Haiyang passes to her daughter is love, the attitude of life that dares to try and surpass oneself.The day before she gave birth, she was live-streaming her delivery.In children’s eyes, she is always smiling, stable, positive, gentle and funny mother.She is also the powerful and emotional father who walks with her children, designs sailboats and writes letters home for them!Her attitude and courage towards life are also an example for children to move forward and guide them to become better versions of themselves.All in all, it’s really not that bad for kids who grow up in single-parent families.Everyone is independent in this world, and family serves as nothing more than “environment” and “background”.The formation of character ultimately depends on their own experience to shape, knowledge and experience are ways to protect and optimize their own.The meaning of life is not universal, the key is what kind of meaning we give to life.To the children of single-parent families, what they need is not prejudice, but blessing!Senior baby nurse, second child mother, pay attention to maternal and child health and child rearing and education, get more parenting information, welcome to pay attention to honeysuckle parenting!