It’s so beautiful in winter, it’s where Sniper was shot!And a four-star tourist toilet

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Sniper, directed by Zhang Yimou, is soaring at the box office.With the background of the “cold gun and cold gun movement” in the war of resistance to the United States and Aid to Korea, the film uses unique shooting techniques to tell the story of the Chinese volunteers’ life-and-death battle with the enemy under the circumstances of the unequal military strength between the enemy and me. It is heart-stirring, inspiring and has the power to move people’s hearts.The freezing location of the film also attracted the attention of fans.The difficult environment is shown in the film, is a kind of direct impact on the power of the people, with a heroic and poignant atmosphere.This place is jilin Bai Shan.In fact, Jilin White Mountain is not only the magnificent beauty shown in the film, there are more beautiful scenery waiting for tourists to dig.Such as canyon pumice forest.Located in Baishan City, Jilin Province, canyon pumice forest, also known as Jinggang Mountain.Although with jinggangshan homophonic, but with that red Jinggangshan difference can be big.Jinggang Mountain was formed by volcanic eruption and was later called “volcanic canyon” or “Canyon Sarin” because most of it is made of pumice stone, so it is called canyon Pumice forest.It is worth mentioning that the toilet of the valley pumice Forest gate area has won the title of four-star tourist toilet.Hey!A cow.Canyon Pumice Forest is located in the volcanic eruption, the earth’s crust after the formation of a great rift valley.This is the place to go if you want to visit Binbinbong, the China-North Korea border monument, Wonji, and Kim Il Sung’s Diorudae.In mix face familiar this piece, canyon pumice forest can be regarded as to play understand.The scenery here is characterized by beauty, wonder, danger and tranquility.There are not only qifeng, waterfall, rock, river, etc., the original beauty, ecological beauty, natural beauty combined just right.There are many beautiful landscapes.Like the Ladder River.The Ladder River also has a funny name, Earth River.Because some sections of the river are covered with vegetation and rocks, you can only hear the sound of water but not the water.Here is a special Korean pine, also known as the Fruit pine, sea pine, up to now it has hundreds of years of age.Local people have a custom to tie a red rope on a long precious tree for their relatives, friends, and descendants to symbolize longevity, so this tree is also called “lucky tree”.There is also a sacred mountain platform.As we all know, Changbai Mountain is the birthplace of the Manchu Dynasty and the sacred mountain of the Shaman nation.The gods of nature are worshipped here, namely chao and Zhan Wang, the owners of bai Shan mountain.According to the local people, every sacrifice, opening business, setting off the mountain to worship the mountain god, in order to pray for good weather, peace and good luck.There is also an interesting custom of the Manchu, which has become a common custom. The more bows and arrows hanging in front of a house, the better the hunter of the house is.(Photo from Ctrip signed traveler @ Tangtangtangyi)