Premier League: Arsenal v Brentford, the Gunners are weak?The return of Brent’s top scorer is in doubt

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Arsenal v Brentford in the Premier League on February 19, 2022 at 23:00 Beijing time, the 26th round of the premier League will be played at home by Arsenal against Brentford on time.The most interesting aspect of this game is: Arsenal have recently suffered from attacking problems, against brentford who also struggle to score goals, which team will be able to bloom?The Secret Service brings you first-hand information from both sides overseas below.Overseas intelligence 1. Arsenal youth star before the opportunity at the emirates stadium with Arsenal captain Mr Mamet young and another striker barlow gong departure, combined with Martin in the game suspension, frontline staff team face is not enough, so the team coach arteta 18-year-old youth player will likely deploy the Mali hutchinson in the list,He may also make his premier League home debut.The departure of Omamee Young has had a major impact on Arsenal following a dispute with the club over the former captain.The move of the club’s top scorer to Barcelona has had an impact on the gunners’ attack, which began on 9 January with four consecutive clean sheets and ended with a 1-0 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers in the last round, with gabriel still a defender.Japanese defender Kenyo Fuan (1 help in 17 games) has returned to training and could be back for the match, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has confirmed.”We had to change training because it was too windy to do what we wanted to do,” Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said after strong winds hit the club’s London colney training ground.5. Best scorer at brentford doubtful for doubtful according to reports, after the injury in game 2 of brentford striker Ivan Tony (25 8 ball 3 help) will be evaluated before the game, to decide whether to play the game, the team’s missed two rounds of league top scorer brentford failed to achieve a goal.Brentford midfielder Norgaard has become the first player in the premier League to recover the ball 200 times in 24 appearances this season, averaging more than eight times a game.7. “eros” eriksson is expected to debut next week since euro 2021 group after temporary farewell field because of heart problem, winter window join brentford “eros” sven-goran eriksson will be returned to the stadium, according to reports, eriksson will against Arsenal tomorrow, but brentford boss frank said he may attend next weekend’s game against Newcastle.Fundamentals Arsenal in the last round of the league 1-0 away against Wolves, won the nearly 7 rounds of the fifth victory, the current three games behind the fourth Manchester United 4 points;Arsenal have kept five clean sheets in their last seven league games, conceding only three goals in seven.Brentford narrowly ended a run of five league defeats with a 0-0 draw at home to Crystal Palace;Brentford have won only two points away from home in their last eight league games, conceding two goals or more per game;Brentford have lost six of their last seven games in all competitions, conceding at least two goals or more in each defeat.The two sides have only met twice in recent years, winning once each, with Arsenal losing 2-0 in the first leg of this season’s premier League clash.Point of Arsenal this season off to a bad start, along with the advancement of the race, the gunners get back for 4 ranks, now less three rounds, just four points behind fourth Manchester united, brentford condition is bad recently, although the wheel force ended in a row, but that also is just a useless 0-0, the team defense, a sharp fall in the number of grades,For Arsenal, the game is a good opportunity to close the gap, so the approach will be relatively cautious, once the lead is likely to shrink, so they are not expected to win.As a result, the DCI thinks Brentford have lost by one goal at most.For more highlights, check out the Secret Service