So drink milk is equal to “drink for nothing”, you are in the trick is a few?

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Because milk is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and a variety of vitamins and other nutrients needed by the human body, it has become a daily breakfast of many people, or even a daily drink.Milk is a good source of protein and calcium in the diet.However, drink milk but a skill to live, drink wrong may let nutrition discount.These practices make the loss of nutrients in milk, but also affect the absorption and utilization of calcium 1. Boiling milk for a long time at high temperature for a long time will lose vitamin C and vitamin B1, B2, but also may form calcium phosphate precipitate, thereby reducing the absorption of calcium.Calcium in milk can react with oxalic acid in chocolate to form calcium oxalate, which is not soluble in water, reducing the absorption rate of calcium.3. The excessive intake of coarse grains affect milk calcium absorption relatively fine processing of coarse grains food contain more vitamin B group, is rich in dietary fiber, replace part of the daily refined grains is beneficial to human body health, but for people who want to calcium, excessive intake of whole grains or only eat whole grains can affect the absorption of the calcium in milk, also can affect the absorption of minerals such as iron, zinc,Because the dietary fiber in the whole grain and phosphoinositol can affect the absorption of calcium in milk.4. Milk frozen milk, which can make fat, protein separation, cheese powder condensation, which affects the absorption of calcium in milk.How do different groups choose?General adults, children: recommended to drink whole milk.Whole milk retains most of the nutrients in milk, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is appropriate, the absorption and utilization rate of calcium is high, and it is rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K.Infants and young children: breast milk is mainly used within 2 years old. If breast milk is insufficient, it is recommended to choose formula milk powder suitable for different months instead of fresh milk.After two years old can choose fresh milk as a part of the daily diet, conditional can also continue to choose the age of formula milk powder.Middle-aged and elderly: gastrointestinal function decline and calcium loss, osteoporosis, vitamin A deficiency.Therefore, it is recommended to drink fortified milk with vitamin AD.Obese, high blood fat people: because can’t take in too much fat, especially saturated fatty acid, so skim milk or low fat milk is more suitable.Drink milk everyday person: should choose “pasteurized milk”.Pasteur’s milk retained milk nutrition by low temperature sterilizing bacteria, but shelf life is shorter, need low temperature is preserved, the person that drinks milk everyday can buy fresh product for many times in a few.People who drink milk irregularly: choose “super high temperature sterilized milk”.After high temperature sterilization, which vitamin loss than pasteurized milk, long shelf life, can be placed at room temperature.But it should be noted that the normal temperature milk after opening the best into the refrigerator, and drink as soon as possible.These groups of people should pay attention to 1. “lactose intolerance” people often find that after drinking milk, they will feel abdominal distension, abdominal pain and even diarrhea, mainly because of the lack of lactose enzyme or lactose enzyme activity is very low in this group of people, unable to break down the lactose in milk, which is often said as “lactose intolerance”.Suggestion: This kind of population drinking milk can be heated after a small number of times, but also with staple food, in order to delay gastric emptying, increase the residence time of lactose in the small intestine, reduce lactose intolerance symptoms.Or opt for low-lactose and lactose-free milk on the market, such as shuhua milk.You can also switch to yogurt or cheese.Reminder: How to choose between lactose low and lactose free milk?Here’s a quick tip to read the nutrition facts of foods: low-lactose milk (≤2g/ 100mL), lactose free milk (≤0.5g/100ml).2. People with moderate or severe acne can temporarily reduce the intake of milk in the stage of frequent acne.Many clinicians believe that certain ingredients in milk aggravate acne, and that low-fat and skimmed milk are more acne – causing than whole milk.Therefore, mild acne patients can drink a cup of milk every day;For moderate and severe acne, consider reducing the frequency of milk intake, or opt for sugar-free yogurt!3. People allergic to milk protein are not recommended to drink milk.Some people will appear after drinking milk rash, papules and other symptoms, this time need to go to the hospital to find a doctor to confirm.Infants with milk protein allergy should avoid milk sources and use special medical formulas such as hydrolyzed milk powder or ammonia sheep milk powder under the guidance of a nutritionist.4. Patients should not drink milk immediately after abdominal surgery.The gastrointestinal function recovery of patients after abdominal surgery is more or less affected, and milk protein is a large molecule protein, which is easy to ferment and produce gas during gastrointestinal digestion, aggravating intestinal flatulence, which is not conducive to the recovery of gastrointestinal function.Hollow drink milk to be bad to stomach?Someone hollow drink milk can appear diarrhea symptom, think hollow drink is bad to stomach.Truth: in fact, most cases of fasting milk will not appear discomfort, gastrointestinal discomfort is more because of lactose intolerance.In general, milk can be drunk at any time.For lactose intolerant people, it can be adjusted according to their own feelings.Patients with digestive diseases such as gastric ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux should follow their doctor’s advice if they want to drink milk.Tips: Milk is the best food choice for calcium supplementation, qualified milk will not add hormones;There are no preservatives in pure milk;High temperature sterilized milk (normal temperature milk) as nutrition;Plant milk (coconut milk, almond milk) is better than beans and nuts;High calcium milk calcium effect and ordinary milk difference is not big.What should drink milk notice?Milk can provide high quality protein and calcium to the human body, but at the same time, fat content is not low, if too much intake, will cause excess energy.And too much protein can also put a strain on organs like the kidneys.2. Don’t use milk to deliver medicine The calcium contained in milk will react with drugs, easy to form a coating film on the surface of drugs, reduce the efficacy, but also may cause harm to the body.Source: Science Popularization in China, CCTV life circle, human health, health Times, this article is reviewed by: Pa Lize, chief physician of nutrition, science popularization member of Chinese Nutrition Society, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact delete