Strengthen screening and control in key areas, implement nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, and quickly promote the tracing of flow control!The launch was packed with work

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On the afternoon of April 3, the Information Office of wenzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control work in Wenzhou.Since April 2, Longgang City, Cangnan County and Leqing City have reported one case of COVID-19 infection in succession.Upon receiving the report, Wenzhou immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and the city and county jointly carried out a comprehensive epidemiological investigation, screening of relevant personnel, nucleic acid testing, prevention and control management, and carried out epidemic prevention measures such as disinfection of relevant sites and environments.The three patients have been transferred to Wenzhou Sixth People’s Hospital for treatment in isolation and are in stable condition.The details are as follows: Infected person 1, Ma Xx, male, drove from Shanghai to Ruian Tang expressway on the morning of March 31.On the evening of April 1, from Ruian Ge Lane on the highway to aojiang service area to rest.In the morning of April 2, nucleic acid was done after getting off the expressway at Longgang Expressway;At 18 PM, longgang People’s Hospital tested positive.On April 3, the nucleic acid test of Wenzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention came back positive, and the patient was diagnosed as asymptomatic after a panel of experts consulted and combined with clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging results.Patient 2, Lin Xx, female, arrived at Cangnan Station from Hangzhou by BULLET train D3141 on the evening of March 30. At 18:00, nucleic acid test results were negative at the nucleic acid sampling site of Cangnan Station.On the morning of April 2, I received the text message of nucleic acid test of high-risk bullet train passengers, so I went to the nucleic acid test, and the initial laboratory screening test was positive at 22:21.On April 3, the nucleic acid test of Wenzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention came back positive, and the patient was diagnosed as asymptomatic after a panel of experts consulted and combined with clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging results.Case 1: Chen, male, returned to Yueqing from Shanghai by D3141 bullet train on March 30. He was quarantined at home due to illness and needed to be taken care of.On April 2, the throat swab was collected at the patient’s home. At 1:50 on April 3, the nucleic acid test in the Laboratory of Leqing CDC was positive. On April 3, the nucleic acid test in the laboratory of Wenzhou CDC was positive.A confirmed COVID-19 case (mild) was diagnosed by a panel of experts, combined with clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging findings.The genotyping of the above 3 cases indicated omicron strain by the municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention.As of 16:00 on April 3, a total of 140 people in Longgang city, Cangnan County, Leqing City and other counties and urban areas had been investigated for secret contacts, including 1,264 secondary contacts. All relevant people have been put under control and tested negative for nucleic acid.From March 31 to April 3, there were 5 cases of COVID-19 in Zhuhai, all of which were detected in the screening of people returning from high-risk areas outside the province or returning from high-speed trains outside the province, indicating that The city is facing a huge import risk.At present, China’s domestic has present a little more frequent, noodles wide, epidemic situation, and more than 20 provinces at the same time report the local epidemic, especially surrounding areas of zhejiang city of epidemic prevention and control situation is complicated, plus small tomb-sweeping day holiday, personnel flow to different regions and gathered further intensifying the spread risk, the epidemic has reached extremely critical period, the zhuhaiThe whole city needs to make joint efforts to fight resolutely against the epidemic.To this end, the municipal prevention and control Office reminds the general public to pay close attention to the epidemic situation, do not go out of the city unless it is necessary in the near future, especially do not go to the cities where the medium-high risk areas are located, for those designated as medium-high risk areas, it is not necessary to postpone the arrival (return) temperature, advocate local holidays, in order to reduce the risk of infection on the journey.The general public should take the initiative to cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures, and people coming from other places should report to the community. Nucleic acid tests must be carried out within six hours of the arrival of the temperature.Adhere to the implementation of personal health protection measures, develop hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and ventilation, maintain safe social distancing, reduce communication with others, and avoid groups and gatherings.At the same time, they should monitor their own health. In case of suspicious symptoms such as fever, dry cough or fatigue, they should go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution for screening, diagnosis and treatment, and jointly build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Question: Yesterday, a COVID-19 positive patient was found in Longgang. How is Longgang managing the situation?Thank you very much!Ji Xiangrong, member of the Standing Committee of longgang Municipal Committee of the CPC and Executive Vice Mayor of Longgang, detected abnormalities in a 1:10 mixed sample of COVID-19 nucleic acid test at the entrance of Longgang Expressway at 13:32 on April 2.At 18:18 on April 2, the People’s Hospital of Longgang City tested one of the cases, and the initial screening result was positive.At 0:08 on April 3, the retest result was positive.After the initial screening of positive subjects was found, Longgang City quickly activated the response mechanism, immediately carried out a comprehensive epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid sampling test, environmental disinfection and other epidemic prevention measures for the relevant personnel and places, and immediately controlled the close contacts, sub-close contacts and key personnel.As of 16:00 on April 3, 28 secret contacts and 183 sub-secret contacts have been detected in Longgang City, and all of them have been put under quarantine control.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have focused on the following four areas: first, strengthening emergency response.To quickly identify and control risk points and prevent the spread of the epidemic, we need to make timely and precise investigations, and promptly carry out epidemic tracing, nucleic acid screening, transport and isolation, key control and regional cooperation.At 20 o ‘clock on April 2, we released the activity track of the preliminary screening positive patients through the official platform, reminding the general public to actively cooperate with nucleic acid screening and tracing the source of infection. In particular, those who have been in contact with the infected should actively report to their work units, local communities or hotels.Second, strengthen the investigation and control of key personnel and areas.At present, 12 quarantine sites have been activated in Longgang City, and 211 people involved in secret contact and sub-secret contact have been quarantined.At the same time, based on the results of traceability, we have sealed and controlled 20 key areas of positive infected persons, core contact and core sub-contact objects.As of 16:00 on April 3, the first and second nucleic acid test results of 28 close contacts were negative.The results of the first round of nucleic acid test were all negative.62 articles and environmental samples from relevant sites were tested, and nucleic acid test results were all negative.Third, strengthening nucleic acid to expand the surface and increase frequency.Under the model of “antigen screening + nucleic acid diagnosis”, 64,830 samples of antigen detection reagents have been distributed, 428 nucleic acid samplers have been gathered at the city and county levels, and 38 nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up in key areas under control.As of 16:00 On April 3, nucleic acid samples had been taken from 9,185 people in key areas, and the test results were all negative.Fourth, strengthen social meeting control.The “Emergency Notice on epidemic Prevention and control in Communities” was immediately issued, requiring people not to leave Longgang or their homes unless necessary since 22:00 on April 2.All schools in the district are temporarily closed, and all public places in confined Spaces are temporarily closed.All kinds of gathering activities such as meetings within the jurisdiction will be cancelled.By strictly implementing all prevention and control measures, the community should calm down as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the epidemic.Next, longgang will promote continuous fighting spirit, unswervingly hold positions at the grass-roots level, flow back work, strictly implement the concentration and isolation, enhance nucleic acid detection ability, we will continue to do a social controls, keep social quiet, calm, try to meet the demand of enterprises and the production and living of the masses, strive to “hard control” warm service “,”Spare no effort to achieve the goal of “no spillover, control the total amount and clear zero early”.At the same time, the general public is requested to abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, take the initiative to maintain the order of nucleic acid sampling, get vaccinated as soon as possible, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, keep a safe distance, reduce clustering activities, and jointly build a health barrier to block the spread of the virus.Q: We have noticed that after cangnan successfully dealt with the previous outbreak, another positive case has been found. How will Cangnan deal with this outbreak?Thank you very much!County party committee Chen Jiu xi 2 April 22 21 points, my county found 1 case of COVID – 19 after early screening positive personnel, immediately start Ⅰ level emergency response, activate the emergency command system in wartime, the first time by the municipal party committee and the government in command, cities and counties in two levels of joint scheduling, flat management, launch “a table through tube” dynamic information collection mechanism,Epidemic prevention work was carried out overnight.First, we will promptly implement flow control.Upon receipt of the report, the special mobile team was activated immediately, and the source of flow tracing was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the “five fast” cycle, and the core close contact, core sub-close contact and general close contact personnel were collected and tested twice before being quickly transferred to the centralized isolation point for control.As of 16 o ‘clock on April 3, our county has investigated 29 secret contacts, second secret contacts 286 people, all have been implemented control.Second, we will strictly implement regional containment.According to the relevant provisions of the defense mechanism of spreading and expert group, since April 3 2 in the morning, my county east to baizhang river, south to the road, the stadium road on the west, north to south Station Road divided into centralization, the implementation of “closed isolation, never leave home, door to door service” management measures, arrange staff 24-hour patrol unattended;The southern extension line of Longqing South Road in the east, Yingfu Road in the south, Shangjiang Road and Xujiayanghe in the west, and Hangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed Railway in the north are divided into control areas. The management measures of “people can only enter and not leave, people are strictly prohibited to gather and stay at home in principle” are implemented.Xiuyuan Road and Jinliuhe in the east, Renying Road in the south, Chezhan Avenue in the west and Hangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway in the north will be divided into prevention zones, and management measures will be implemented, such as “social meeting control, strict restrictions on people gathering, and not leaving the area unless necessary”.Third, expedite nucleic acid testing., according to the division classification situation from 3 April 1 in the morning, my county group overnight door-to-door sampling team 33 group of 193 people, and in the spirit creek town in the mountain, to the service, to blaspheme pu area set up 35 sample point, send medical staff, transport workers and on-site management personnel and more than 700 people, the rapid implementation of nucleic acid detection work, as of April 3, 16,26,231 nucleic acid samples have been taken from the three districts, of which 25,925 samples have been tested negative.Fourth, we will strictly implement social meeting control.To seal the pale channel set up checked posts, cangnan move the station it romantic closure, the county bus routes all pause, all kinds of key sites were closed, all schools closed temporarily, meetings and other kinds of connection shall be cancelled, strictly implement the “wedding postponed, the funeral Jane do, don’t do”, suspend the martyrs’s activities during the qingming festival, quickly make social calmer.Going forward, we will resolutely implement the deployment requirements of provincial and municipal governments, strictly implement all prevention and control measures, and strengthen the working mechanism of “source detection and control + hardcore isolation + sophisticated intellectual control” to fight the epidemic prevention and control battle.First, we should do all inspections.We will continue to organize nucleic acid testing in the three zones so that no one is left behind.Second, ensure proper management and control.We will focus on key areas such as “three zones” and centralized isolation points, strengthen standardized management, optimize heart-warming services, and ensure that people do not cross zones and risks do not spill over.Third, ensure strong guarantee.We will stockpile and supply epidemic prevention materials, unblock the 12345 government hotline, and rely on the micro-grid to ensure People’s Daily life, medical care and personalized needs in the three areas.Q: In the early hours of this morning, a positive case was found in Yueqing. I would like to know the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Yueqing.Thank you very much!Lin Yizheng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Yueqing Municipal Committee of the CPC and Vice Mayor of Yueqing, said at 1:12 am on April 3, the city of Yueqing found a COVID-19 preliminary screening positive case among a Shanghai bullet train passenger.On 30 March, the subject returned from medical treatment in Shanghai and tested positive for nucleic acid twice.After the preliminary screening positive object was found, the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee and Government quickly activated the emergency command system and immediately launched the emergency response plan. The main leaders of Wenzhou city immediately sank into Yueqing and took command, and carried out the related work including flow tracing, data investigation, transport and isolation, nucleic acid testing and on-site control overnight.As of 16:00 on April 3, 16 people have been found to be close contacts and 77 people have been found to be secondary contacts. All of them have been quarantined and controlled. The first two rounds of nucleic acid test results were negative.Yueqing has mainly done four aspects of work: first, rapidly promote the source of flow adjustment.Found that after the initial screening positive, 401 police and disease curtains on the workers scrambled, in accordance with the “five” cycle for, take the “soil” combination method, flow by telephone, video streaming, field flow adjustable, large data flow line in hand, for the first time to form the core of initial flow adjustable harness report, with the fastest speed to find out the key risk.At the same time, the government adheres to the principle of “one case, one circle, one special team”, and sends 46 Wolf Warrior teams to carry out door-to-door control for core and core sub-close connections. It also carries out “antigen + rapid detection + standard detection” and quickly transfers to centralized isolation points, so as to control key risks in the shortest time.2. Implementing regional control with precision.Based on the results of flow tracing and comprehensive evaluation and analysis by experts at both city and county levels, the demarcation of containment area, control area and prevention area was completed in the first time, and the whole building no. 81, Xixing Road, Liushi Town was demarcated as containment area.Liushi town to Xixing Road 69 in the east, Xixing Road in the north, Liuqing North Road in the west and Longqi River in the south is designated as a control area;Liushi town reaches Yulong Road, Xixing Road and Longxiang Street in the east, Longqi River in the south, Liuqing North Road in the west and Taibo Lane in the north as the prevention area.Strictly implement strict control measures after sealing according to the relevant requirements of “stay indoors” in the sealing control area and “people stay indoors” in the control area, and calm down at the fastest speed.At the same time, we will coordinate final disinfection and environmental disinfection in key places to prevent community transmission and risk spillover.Conducting nucleic acid testing efficiently.According to the division classification, quick start “three areas,” all the staff work full of nucleic acid, overnight quickly gathered 1280 nucleic acid sampling personnel, 883 county-rural cadres into emergency disposal, were set up 46 nucleic acid sampling points, each point to arrange enough force to maintain order, strictly implement the “one-meter line, wearing masks” such as the prevention and control measures.As of 16:00 On March 3, 36,371 nucleic acid samples had been taken from the “Three Areas” and other key sites, and 20,099 people had been tested, with all the results negative.Iv. Solid management and control services.We have established a list of assignments for epidemic prevention and control work, and implemented control measures in a scientific and effective manner.Five enterprises, more than 50 vehicles and more than 100 people have been organized to deliver supplies in short supply to villages and towns at any time, effectively ensuring people’s living and medical needs.A public service team has been set up to respond to people’s concerns in a timely manner, and channels such as the wechat platform for help and the 12345 government service hotline have been opened.In the next step, Yueqing will strictly comply with the relevant regulations of the superior, resolutely implement the prevention and control measures, comprehensively carry out the precise control of key groups, continue to expand the coverage of nucleic acid testing, timely and in-depth publicity of social meetings, and guide the general public to enjoy themselves when it is not necessary to ensure the spread and spillover of the epidemic.Source: Quick Wenzhou APP first review editor: Yang Weiguang Responsible editor: Xiao Bo Review officer: Qian Zhongbiao Director of supervision: Chen Taicang supervision: Wu Xiao Chen Xiyu chief supervision: Chen Zhenshi more wonderful short video please pay attention to the “quick Wenzhou short video” video number!Click to share, click to like, click to watch