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Acting was never Lee’s choice, but he was able to become one because he was exposed to these various entertainments from an early age.At home, his father was busy with his work and his mother was busy with all kinds of exams. Neither of them could control little Li Xian, so Li Xian was free.As a free man, he has been traveling all kinds of roads, and he has attended many skill classes.After trying out as a karaoke singer at a bar and playing basketball at a basketball workshop, he saw the complexity of society.This has given Li a degree of maturity, both physically and mentally, so he thinks about his life direction when he does his homework.Li Xian sometimes thought, if this mathematical problem solved, and what effect?It’s not what I’m interested in.About the journey of life, Li Xian thought for a long time, he felt that he should pursue what?Therefore, after the college entrance examination, Li Xian chose to take the second study. He was not very interested in these subjects.When applying for an examination to choose a major again, Li now chose the broadcasting direction that he is most interested in.Because Li Xian’s appearance is handsome enough, his stature is not short, for some of the appearance of the personal image, but also more consistent.Based on a variety of factors, Li thought he was still possible, so he tried to apply to the Beijing Film Academy.As a result, Li Xian was admitted, but his personality was sometimes not suitable for being an actor, because he did not like to get along with others except for shooting. Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, Li Xian’s personality was not particularly lively, but a little too boring, not suitable for a good development in the entertainment industry.The teacher hoped that Li Xian would change his personality, try to accept more outsiders, and try to change his interpersonal network.Bottom line to listen to the teacher’s advice, but he couldn’t do, moments can be an outgoing person, in fact, he used to the life become a bystander, accustomed to a person silently to look at everyone’s action and facial expression, so li is like wearing a face mask to the subway station, no one noticed him,Li Xian silently observed everyone’s details and movements in a corner.Even so, li Xian was very confused when he first started shooting, and he was very nervous and did not perform very well.Sometimes he stood in a wrong position and blocked the appearance of some actors of the other side. Sometimes he accidentally said wrong lines, which made the whole shooting schedule impossible to continue. Sometimes he took the wrong props, but everything was wrong.But the director still let him slowly relax, do not deliberately stiff expression, do not try to control, with a natural attitude to play is the best effect.