Ganzhou this “elder brother elder sister gas station”, too good!

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“How can we better serve the people who come to the hospital and the patients?”This is the leading group of the first affiliated hospital of Jiangxi often think about the problem.Its innovative service mode active extension service tentacles around “patients” to establish a matrix a taxi stands at the beginning of 2022 in front of the golden campus square “drivers” gas station “drivers” free hot tea water and offer preferential medical services to “drivers” by “drivers” highly appreciated and thumb up jiangxi medical YiFuYuan is understood to be the first in the country”Drivers are installed in the hospital at a gas station” of the arrival of the Spring Festival, the hospital carry passengers to jiangxi medical YiFuYuan taxi driver zhang teacher surprised to find that, after entering the hospital campus, not only have special free taxi parking space, also set up a “drivers” gas station, free hot tea water was particularly warm in cold winter.This is the first affiliated hospital of Gan Medical to the hospital for the masses to provide convenient transportation “elder brother and elder sister” to express respect, and specially set up “warm gas station”, is the first affiliated hospital of Gan Medical based on solving problems for the people, do practical action embodiment.Hospitals are busy, taxis have no place to park…These problems often plague taxi drivers.To solve this problem, the implementation of the “I does the practical work for the masses”, will implement the fine, warm heart service to promote the acquisition of the masses, to the college of happiness and a sense of security, jiangxi medical YiFuYuan set up “drivers” gas station in hospital, not only set up a free taxi parking Spaces, and provide free hot tea water “drivers”,And promised to provide preferential physical examination services to the cabbies, to protect the health of the cabbies.”We often wonder what else we can do for patients,” said Zou Xiaofeng, vice secretary of the Hospital’s Party Committee and president, referring to setting up the station.How to provide better and warmer service for the people who come to the hospital?From this point of view, our hospital set up a “cabbies gas station” to provide convenience for “cabbies” and let them feel the care and warmth of the hospital. In this way, they will also pass on more warmth to more people and provide warmth belonging to “cabbies” for patients and family members who come to the hospital for medical treatment.The first Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical University has always adhered to the concept of doing practical things for the masses, and established a long-term mechanism of “I do practical things for the masses”, so that the masses can still feel the warmth and care of family when they enter the hospital even in the cold winter.Just pick up passengers to go to the hospital “taxi driver” master gong said that oneself in this industry for so many years, ran so many places, also ran many hospitals, jiangxi medical YiFuYuan it will be a taxi driver in my heart, with so many high-quality services, hit the bottom of my heart feel warm, fully embodies the party and state, hospital care and respect of the taxi company.All the warm heart service of the first affiliated hospital of Jiangxi Hospital will be a thing to do all the warm story of the first affiliated hospital of Jiangxi Hospital will be a piece of writing