Meet you, amazing time, gentle years

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Encounter.As if this word, is an arbitrary door, you open, there will be endless good full.All encounters in the world are reunion after a long separation. This “encounter” is a red lantern, carrying a flower event, seeing the past like smoke, but also illuminating the long road ahead.The most wonderful encounter, is in the moon moving mountain shadow to the window of the night, mention a thin pen and ink encounter.Moonlight screen, 30 fame can not break in, a heart and a party of plain silk lang meet.Flower shadow repair hedge, eight thousand li road by cloud and go, a plain pen and one inkstone light ink happy to meet.Nib paper, splash-ink chrysanthemum, a paper, a kind of detached from the world.That bit by bit of ink, is the far mountain eyebrow, your jade wall light wan to describe;Is the beauty of the lips, a stroke in the poetry of oh;Is the flower seeds picked up in autumn, you write fresh breeze, fall paper blossom.It is a huafuan stream, into the bird song cloud shadow, will be pieces of flowers washed into poetry.A pen, the pine wind into the room, please open a wooden window moonlight.Virtual window two cong bamboo, burning a furnace incense room;A pen, build an empty valley hidden orchid path, clouds lead smoke walking.There are bright moon pine according to, there are clear spring stone upper, there are poets from datang gallop to send a letter.The most joyful encounter, is a grass seed, such as spring water is born, the beginning of the spring forest sheng, until the spring breeze sent spring letter, and beautiful encounter in spring.It has lain dormant in the winter months, let the world be white to hide it, let the wind be bitter and frost face, it with the attitude of a hermit indifferent;Let Mei Xiang snow to find, Chai Men dog bark to call, it has no hesitation, static keep a heart.Wait for spring snow to melt at the beginning, wake up spring mud, it pushes away the heavy quilt on the body, opens hazy sleepy eye, weaves coir raincoat with spring rain, rosin leads the way, from the bosom of the earth, and waits for a long time the spring girl bump is full of.The rise of the jing Hong, the birds lost, the stream jumped deer, vivid the whole spring.It is busy giving birth to tender buds, opened a inn, take in the spring cold dew heavy, there are spring breeze chunshui occupancy, song dynasty came to the poet, each guest room door with a sign to guide, to be verdant shade, bear a good wish.The most touching, is I met you.That I, you wear cool breeze clothes, wearing white clouds, in order to collect poetry officer’s identity way I climbed the window full of roses.I inadvertently dodge, still hold pipa half cover face, let you take root like feet, stop to stare.You suddenly my face delicate and ashamed smile, is you hundreds of years ago lost folk poetry, I admire your handsome asperran face, eyes like water, eyebrows hanging clouds, the bottom of my heart there are lotus fishing boat, stream singing.When our eyes meet, it is like the lotus wind ripples across a pond, like the opening of a stone or a silver vase, when the primordities of heaven and earth melt into nothingness, when a swallow holds a bridge and clouds make a road, and time freezes into a poem.We are so in a line of poetry met, I in this head fragrance full sleeve, fingertip twist water for your cooking stove to cook tea, you from that head fan gently shake, stepping smoke curl to me.Time to meet you and amazing, years because of meeting you and gentle.The most beautiful meet, is a fish swimming into a group of fans of the road, a wisp of wind way a clump of fence home, is the water into the ears of the qin, moonlight to the window hanging curtain.Is the empty mountain pine falls, encountered secluded people should not sleep.Is the goose lead sorrow heart, mountain bit good month.