Shanghai: the woman epidemic panic buying 1000 yuan food was away, the other party asked the woman to list, live long see

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Shanghai woman epidemic buying 1000 yuan food was taken away, check the monitoring that was taken away by the aunt, the woman came to the door, was asked to give the shopping list, claiming that some things may not be delivered, netizens said: the first time to hear so unreasonable requirements.Some people say that the epidemic is like a magic mirror, where they go wherever they are needed, regardless of their own safety in order to defeat the epidemic, while some people put the interests of others at the expense of themselves.Shanghai unprecedented outbreak of the epidemic, the purchase of vegetables and ingredients has become very difficult, so, some people will move to the wrong idea, this is not, a woman in Shanghai snapped up 1,000 yuan of food, this is to alleviate the emergency.However, I did not expect that after I put the food I bought at the gate of the community, it was taken away by an old woman. Three packages of food worth 1000 yuan were left for myself.To be honest, it’s hard not to get angry at the importance of food in these extraordinary times.So, they checked the surveillance, only to find an old woman, in fact, did not buy food, originally to throw things, but then began to go to the table to look through other people’s food.Just the woman bought three packages of vegetables on the table, was taken away by the old woman.Coincidentally, the next day when the nucleic acid, the old woman still wearing the same clothes.The woman stopped her and asked her if she had picked up the wrong thing yesterday.At first, the woman denied that she had taken something the day before, but her lie was revealed when the woman showed the video.Seeing no way to escape, the old woman insisted that the security guard let her take it, so the two sides had an argument.Then some girls from the old woman’s family came out and told her they would pay her back.Both sides calculate a account, the daughter of the old woman transferred more than one thousand dollars to the woman, this thought the matter was over, did not expect the daughter of the old woman asked the woman to list, worth while, the woman gave the shopping list to the girl.When the woman finally got home, the security guard called them again and told them that the woman’s two daughters were quarreling again.The guard wanted the woman to go back and double-check.After the meeting, the other party said that they found several things, which were different from the list the woman gave them. Maybe the other party did not deliver the goods, or the other party missed the delivery, which implied that the money transferred to the woman was too much.The woman was also very angry. After placing her order, the woman took all three bags of vegetables. She didn’t even see any bags.Originally rob food is very not easy, the result in the end did not eat, but also by the other side of a variety of entanglement, involved in unclear, the woman finally decided to wait until the unsealed to the police.To this netizen said, really make a person long experience, have never seen such a person, originally somebody else snatching food is not easy, they take away even if, even if is equal amount of compensation, the woman is also very suffer, but now be hit by a rake, it is unreasonable.Although said cang jin shi and know etiquette, but this should not be the reason to casually take other people’s things, we are not easy, for their own strength, to damage the interests of others, this is not right, now also all kinds of entanglement, is also very speechless.What do you think about that?The hard-earned dishes are easily taken away by others, and the result is that they are called out to confront each other. Point a concern and talk about those weird people you have seen under the epidemic.