The Taiwan Affairs Office of Guizhou Province created Spring Festival couplets with the theme of “One Family from both sides of the Taiwan Straits” to celebrate the Year of the Tiger

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January 27, Taiwan Network of China “Fanjing Mountain alishan Mountain watch Hongfeng Lake Sun Moon Lake water and water connected” “Same root, same origin, same culture, same species, Same Chinese empathy, resonance, common interests, common consensus, common destiny across the Taiwan Straits”…In the Spring Festival couplet creation activity held in Guizhou province with the theme of “One Family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits”, people showed their best wishes to Taiwan compatriots and hoped for the reunification of the motherland.It is reported, this activity obtained the guizhou province Taiwan leadership attaches great importance to and support, do leaders take the lead, all staff participation, actively create enthusiastically, solid research on Taiwan work, promote the development of cross-strait integration, promote the enthusiasm of the reunification of the motherland enterprise new achievements into a creative power, a total of 24 deputy couplet, some praise the soul to create great, compatriots on both sidesSome express a bay strait difficult to block the feelings of compatriots in Taiwan, and some hope that with the return of spring cross-strait can be peaceful reunification……In the future, the Taiwan Affairs Office will continue to organize activities to promote the fine traditional Chinese culture and promote the bond between the hearts of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, said an official.(Jointly reported by China Taiwan Network and The Taiwan Affairs Office of Guizhou Province)