When the ancients slaughtered cities, why didn’t they kill women under 20?”3 Reasons” is inhuman

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Since ancient times, there have been wars, big and small, in which the common people are the most pitiable, whether they win or lose.And in the war, the most brutal than the slaughter of the city, not only need to occupy the other side of the territory, but also to kill all the innocent people in the city.For example, after the battle of Guandu, Cao Cao killed all the troops of Yuan Shao who had surrendered in a pit. History says, “Cao cao killed more than 70,000 of those who surrendered in the pit.”The most brutal of ancient wars is the slaughter of cities.During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Ran Min launched the Han people of later Zhao to slaughter the Hu people, resulting in a large number of Han and Hu people were slaughtered. According to historical records, “tens of thousands of Han and Hu people were beheaded in one day.Min shuai zhao people to punish hu, jie, no high and low, male and female, young long were killed, more than 200,000 dead, dead outside the city, learned to be eaten by wild dogs and wolves.Those who were stationed in the four directions, min all punished them with shu Ming zhao as general, or he had to abuse the dead half with his high nose.For tu Cheng, historical records are often extremely simple, generally slaughter, more than killed, chickens and dogs.Although the words are simple, the words are bloody and tearful, showing the cruelty of war.From 1231 to 1278, Mongol armies massacred Sichuan.Many of Sichuan’s previously densely populated areas have been turned into no-man’s land as residents have been massacred or fled.Based on the premise of five people per family, there were 2.64 million households in Sichuan in 1162, but only 120,000 households in 1281.However, although soldiers can brutally kill civilians, they will not kill only women under the age of 20. Why?▲ In war, soldiers often snatch civilian women as trophies.The reason why ancient wars choose the way of killing the city is mainly to establish their own prestige, let the opponent feel their strong strength and the atmosphere of terror, so that they can be convinced to submit to their rule.But why can a woman under the age of 20 survive a soldier’s knife?There are three main reasons: first, to meet the physiological needs of soldiers: soldiers fight for years to solve physiological problems, so they will be captured by the slaughter of women under the age of 20, into the barracks, like the existence of military prostitutes.Some of the more attractive ones might be betrothed to soldiers.At the same time, these women will be rewarded as objects to soldiers for meritorious service during the war.Second, the need to have children: in ancient times, in times of war, almost all the men in the family went to the battlefield, and many died in the battlefield before they even got married. The war caused a sharp decrease in population, which was inevitable.So, when the army took these young women, in large part, they were used to help the soldiers of their country reproduce and keep the population adequate.Therefore, in order to meet the need to reproduce, they chose to give these women a chance to live.3. Women are easy to control: the status of women in ancient times was very low, so they were easy to be controlled and lacked the ability to resist.In fact, another important reason for the soldiers to slaughter the city was that many people in the city were very supportive of the former ruler. To avoid possible rebellion in the future, they laid hands on them first and wiped them out.But young women are too weak to pose any threat and are easily manipulated because of their youth and low status.Therefore, although the women under the age of 20 saved their lives, life was also very painful and desperate, without any meaning of life, it can be said that life is better than death. Therefore, with the development of The Times, the brutal way of slaughtering the city, also slowly disappeared.Reference materials: The Mirror of Wisdom