As good as Michael Jordan, why can’t he win 3 consecutive FMPS?It was just one vote in ’97

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As the fans all know, Jordan is the first player in NBA history and the acknowledged god of basketball.In terms of talent, skill, honor, performance, and dominance at the top, there’s no one to beat.Jordan’s many remarkable achievements, such as winning 10 scoring titles, two three-peat championships, and winning six FMVPS, all contributed to his rise to the throne.But since Bird, no one has done three MVP wins in a row, like Michael Jordan did in his prime.If you look at ’93 and’ 97, it’s just a one-vote difference.Jordan’s career spanned 15 seasons, culminating with the Bulls.During his 13 seasons with the Bulls, Jordan won five MVP awards in ’88,’ 91, ’92,’ 96 and ’98.Only in 1991 and ’92 did He win both MVP trophies in a single season.In ’93 and’ 97, Jordan would have completed three consecutive MVPS if he had won the trophy.In ’93, Jordan was in his prime. After all, he led the team to two consecutive championships and won the regular season MVP and Finals MVP in two consecutive years.He continued to do so in 1993, averaging 32.6 points, 6.7 rebounds and 5.5 assists while shooting 49.5 percent on both ends of the floor and leading the Bulls to a 57-25 record.But Jordan only finished third in the MVP voting.He lost to Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles barkley, who averaged 26 points, 13 rebounds, three assists and four blocks while leading the team to 55 wins.Charles barkley was even more unfazed, averaging 25.6 points, 12.2 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 1.6 steals, leading the SUNS to a league-leading 62-20 record.The individual performance was so close that Barkley deserved to be named the MVP of the regular season.If the defeat in ’93 was convincing, it was definitely a huge regret in’ 97.Jordan averaged 29.6 points, 5.9 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game in 1997, shooting 48.6% from the field and leading the Bulls to an all-time record of 69-13.Malone averaged 27.4 points, 9.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game, shooting 55 percent from the field and leading the Jazz to a 64-18 record.Both are a + one defense players, both ends of the performance is impeccable, led the team results are close to perfect.Malone and Michael Jordan in ’97.In the final vote, Malone received 32.98 percent of the vote, Jordan received 32.01 percent of the vote, unfortunately missed the MVP award.You know, just by one vote, Jordan would have won the MVP.That would put him on track to win three titles in a row, three MVPS in a row, and three FMPS in a row.