Mature mind is the fundamental way to solve problems

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In 1985, China introduced the action blockbuster First Blood, in which Stallone played rambo, a tough guy, which left a deep impression on the audience.Rambo was created by Best-selling Canadian author David Morrell, who wrote two more novels based on the screenplay because of the film’s success.In Rambo’s case, we tend to focus only on his superior fighting skills to defeat the enemy, but ignore the refinement of his intelligence in the center of battle.Most people want to be Rambo because they think they can solve everything with a hard fist.But as a matter of fact, when your mind matures, all difficulties are easily solved.Although Rambo is a Vietnam war veteran, he dropped out of high school and chose to join the army. He is still a rebellious youth inside.Due to the dismal end of the American intervention in Vietnam, there was a strong anti-war sentiment in society.When Rambo went to war, instead of being honored, he was blamed.This exacerbated his inner anger and caused him to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.Rambo is unable to integrate into normal social life, wandering unkempt without a haircut or shave.Seeing Rambo in this state, the sheriff naturally sees him as an uninvited threat to the town.Misunderstandings arise.From Rambo’s point of view, his unkempt appearance did not interfere with anyone. Naturally, he had the right to choose his own appearance, and he had served his country.From the sheriff’s standpoint, it is necessary to take care of suspicious individuals to prevent trouble.Both sides had good reasons, but there was a lack of tolerance.The homeless man was not a criminal, and when the sheriff found Rambo, he did not have to forcibly evict him.Rambo, for his part, had every right to do so, but when questioned, a calm explanation might have solved the misunderstanding.But neither side gave a step back, and both men believed they had absolute strength.When it comes to fists, it’s hard to beat Rambo.The sheriff has the power of the state.They have the ability to choose the roughest way to solve the problem, and if you don’t listen to me, use your fist.In their mind, any act of tolerance is an act of cowardice.The conflict escalated, creating a lose-lose situation.When the colonel arrived for this matter, he did not strengthen the search for Rambo at the beginning, but tried to persuade Rambo from rambo’s point of view with sincere communication to avoid further expansion of the conflict.It was genuine communication that opened Rambo’s heart.At the end of the film, he cries out his inner pain to the colonel and expresses his dissatisfaction.Rambo eventually pays for his impulsiveness, but he is redeemed.Differences in age, social class and educational background will cause differences among people. It is normal for conflicts and misunderstandings to occur between fathers and sons, teachers and students, and friends.Don’t make regretful choices on impulse because you don’t understand them.Like Rambo said, if I hadn’t stood up to the cop, if the cop had asked me if I was okay, things might have turned out differently.No one is born to experience everything and understand everything, but the key is to be tolerant and understand the other person’s position.Only in this way can we establish effective communication channels and achieve a win-win situation.We hear a lot about friendship, but some of the so-called friendship of human contact, often a headache, so sometimes we prefer not to ask for help.But in fact, no matter how powerful you are, you can’t do it without the help of your friends.We remember Rambo as a lone Wolf, always on his own, able to break through obstacles and get things done alone.But don’t forget, rambo always has the colonel behind him.When Rambo has a serious conflict with the sheriff in the town, it is the Colonel who arrives in time and actively communicates with Rambo to defuse the crisis.When Rambo went to prison for a town incident, it was the Colonel who bought Rambo’s freedom with a mission.When Rambo gets off to a bad start and hangs in the balance during the parachute jump, it’s the colonel’s persistence that keeps the mission going.After discovering the spy’s plot, it is the Colonel who works in secret to ensure Rambo’s safe return.True friendship can only be achieved by two-way giving.It was the colonel’s help over and over again that made him the only person Rambo trusted and willing to do anything for him.It’s friendship, too, that makes Rambo go to Afghanistan after the Colonel is in danger, just to save him.Rambo was clueless in a strange land.If we want the Colonel’s help, we’ll have to ask for more.However, if we want to ask strangers for help, we should first extend the hand of friendship.Rambo and his guide were on their way to find a local tribe when a village was attacked.Rambo doesn’t hesitate to grab his gun and rush to the village, shooting down the helicopter and saving a strange little girl.It was this act of kindness that paid off for Rambo.The girl was the daughter of a local tribal chief, and rambo gained his trust.The local tribe did not trust the sudden appearance of the stranger, and even suspected that he was a spy sent by the enemy.In a tense situation, it was the sheik who stood up for Rambo.Pay the sincerity, can obtain the sincere friendship.In adult social Settings, people sometimes do things that are acceptable to achieve a certain goal.But this resulted in a sham deal, not a sincere friendship.If you want to get true friendship, you must use your heart.When Rambo arrived at the tribe, he was not trusted, and help was not available.Contemptuously, the locals invited Rambo to play a game of scrambling for a goat.Rambo knew nothing of the game, and the Sheik was a perennial winner.In the game, Rambo tried to do his best, but lost.Show oneself already, gave the other party face again.However, as the game progresses, the competitive spirit in Rambo is awakened, and he tries his best to win.Rambo thought his victory would humiliate the sheik, but instead, Rambo’s sincerity earned him respect and the sheik extended rambo a hand as a symbol of friendship.These people can tell when someone is determined to win or die, and you can’t fool them.In the operation to rescue the colonel, it is friendship that helps Rambo step by step to victory.It was friendship that helped him get a clue to the fort where the colonel had been captured and infiltrate it.When the colonel is shot, it is Musa and the doctor who accompany him to the evacuation.When it came under fire, it was the three chiefs of the tribe who led the horde back, routed the pursuing men and helped Rambo escape.When we’re young, we think our fists are the answer to everything, but life will teach us that doing so often has the opposite effect.Blindly rely on violence, not only can not effectively solve the problem, but will be counterproductive.Mature mind, is the fundamental way to solve problems.Tolerance, love and friendship are worth every man’s lifetime to learn.First Drop of Blood 1-3 by David Morrell Publishing House: Chongqing Publishing House Publishing Date: February 2022 Published by Hua Zhang Tongren Original title: Mature Mind is the Fundamental Way to Solve Problems