Shanxi provincial social organization evaluation grade results public

2022-07-05 0 By

Official latest release, focus on intensive reading.On January 12, shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department published the results of social organization evaluation grade of Shanxi Province in 2021, as follows.4 a grade – association of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province taiyuan university of science and education development foundation certification and accreditation association of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province filial conduct public foundation retailers association gas generating association of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province north university education development foundation, the xian institute of Shanxi Province charitable foundation LinYi County aaa – Shanxi Province (xiaoyi city of Shanxi Province education foundation is better than a creek education development fundShanxi Xinfei Public Welfare Foundation Shanxi Jincheng Entrepreneurship and Employment Foundation Shanxi Commerce Federation Shanxi Cheng Haiqing Education Foundation Shanxi Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation Shanxi Medical University Education Development Foundation Shanxi Coal Processing and Utilization SocietyThe evaluation results of provincial social organizations that are rated 3A (including 3A) or above in 2021 will be publicized.During the publicity period (publicity period to January 18), if you have any comments, please report to the Social organization Administration Bureau of Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department.