Should you buy or save in 2022?Insider: The answer is already obvious

2022-07-05 0 By

There is an old saying in China, “Get married and start a career”, which shows the importance of family to a person. Therefore, in the countryside, it is said that building a house and starting a house is a great event in one’s life.That raises the question of whether it’s worth buying a house or keeping money in the bank for two years.In fact, it is not worth the trouble to just users.Because you can buy a house at any time and continue to buy a house, the key problem is whether you have money.Therefore, it is not only a matter of buying a house in these two years, but also a matter of whether the price of the house will rise in the future.And for people who can buy or not buy a house, these two years to buy a house is really more tangled, because everyone wants to call their wealth appreciation, especially the special goods like the house.Assuming that they have extra money in their hands, it is better to buy a house or put money in the bank. In fact, the two have the same aspect, that is, how to increase their wealth, not necessarily to buy a house, to spare money to do the entity is not sweet?Of course, there’s a big difference between just buying a house and saving.That is, once a house is bought, the money is stuck waiting for the surprise to come when prices rise.And this money in the bank, more or less there will be a little interest, although it is small enough strange, but also to pick up the money back is not?Generally speaking, the change in the property market is due to the influence of supply and demand, so it is reasonable to expect the income generated by the house to people.Of course, the change of the property market is not only so simple, because these many factors have a lot of time is tangled together, mutual constraints play a role together.More importantly, home prices can’t fall off a cliff, nor can they rise and fall as they have in the past.According to the law of value, price can not go too far away from value, which is the requirement of economic law itself, but also the inherent necessity of natural law.To this end, the central media also responded that there must be a limit to everything, believing that housing prices cannot fall blindly.For the development trend of real estate, the key to look at three aspects, the first is the population trend.In terms of the general trend of economic development, the rural population will certainly continue to move to big cities in the future, which means that the general direction of urbanization will not change, but will become more prominent.According to the theory of human settlements, urbanization development and the expansion of big cities will inevitably bring about the demand for housing, which is actually the internal guarantee for the property market to become stronger.Secondly, we should also look at the change of leverage ratio, which cannot be ignored.Data shows that China’s leverage ratio will be reduced, so it will have a certain impact on buying a house.From the perspective of the supply of total money, as the economic growth rate is not optimistic, the national control of money will be strengthened, which will also bring bad influence to the property market.Nevertheless, because of the irreversible trend of people flow, the property market will certainly not collapse under the premise of housing speculation, but will usher in a new spring after integration.But in any case, housing prices are unlikely to rise and fall wildly, and buying a house is not likely to show a broad devaluation.In other words, it’s better to buy a house based on your needs than to keep your money in the bank.Of course, if the housing is not in a hurry, the investment entity is also a good choice.