Tianlong: the only card in the entire service is a player of class 10 without a gate.

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In other words, xiaobian is also knowledgeable, various card level excellent players emerge in endlessly, even card 19 players, xiaobian is also seen many.But have you ever seen a level 10 no-door player?Today, I’m going to show you a stubborn player who doesn’t even have a school!Score 586, health 7450, hit 1533, dodge 142, Critical attack 7, Critical Defense 3…….Is this the most “plain” panel that xiaobian has ever basked in?Xiaobian has finally been able to play……Although the door party did not join, but to play we are absolutely serious, the baby must be whole.Level 5 flower fairy must have, or savvy 8, skills also have to understand, say this qualification to 2000+ is not easy, at least the attack must be stronger than the master!To be a serious card player, the equipment must be homemade and must be 7 or 8 stars!Level 5, seven star Regal Green talisman, hits 10 points with ice, but the gem is level 2 rutile?Although the old iron did not join the school, but the choice of attributes is clearly ah ~5 level eight star emperor green ring, this attribute on a, plus understanding 3 points, how much is a bit perfunctory……Words this return is inferior to novice suit worry-free suit ~ shame!Xiaobian although can not find the whole set, but a look at this attribute is much stronger than manual ~ many old iron said, card level boundary now inside the volume is too ruthless, the next time want to go out of the circle estimated only card level 5!What do you think, my friends?