What is the core idea of Tao Te Ching?(This article is a good reason)

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I went out this afternoon, and when I was outside, the sun was shining, the air was fresh, and I felt the vitality of spring, and I was in a happy mood.I used to study the daodejing at least three times, I see morality may be a little different with others, I basically only read a chapter a day, so every eighty-one days to read an entire book, I opened two years ago WeChat public began last write again articles every day, to today has been nearly seven hundred days, so, I’ll take some rounds in combination with the day’s learning to write an article,Remember that there are two rounds to do this, and some rounds take the way of reciting the original text or drawing logical diagrams, the purpose is to have a deeper understanding of the content of the book.Later, I also summarized some of the essence of tao Te Ching and came to my own unique view of this wisdom book.There are many versions of Tao Te Ching, and there are many more annotated versions. Like others, I hesitated about which version was the best, but later I learned it as I came across it.For now, there’s not much need for that kind of tangle, because in either version, some of the words are different and they mean different things, but it doesn’t affect the core idea of the whole thing.What is the core and basic idea of Tao Te Ching?And the heart of beauty.To better illustrate, I’ve chosen four chapters at random, so let’s take a look.Chapter 7 of Tao Te Ching: Everlasting.The reason why heaven and earth can grow for a long time is because they are not born by themselves.So that the saint after his body and body first, outside the body and body.Not because of their selflessness?Therefore can become its private.Heaven and earth exist for such a long time because they do not work naturally for their own survival, so they can survive for a long time.Therefore, the sage of the Dao is modest and does not fight, but leads the crowd.Put yourself out of the way, and you can save yourself.Isn’t that why he’s so selfless?So he can be who he is.The inner foundation of altruism without self is “harmony in heart”, isn’t it?Chapter 66 of Tao Te Ching: Jiang Hai is the king of all cereals because of his kindness.It is the sage who wants to go up to the people.He that desires the first men shall leave them behind.Is the sage on the people are not heavy, before the people do not harm.Is the world music push and never tire.To its not to contend, so the world can not contend with it.Meaning: Jianghai can become the leader of all mountains and streams because it is good at accommodating all rivers and streams, so it can become the leader of all mountains and streams.Because of this, the sage who wants to elevate all the people and make them more noble and better must include all the people and not exclude the people in his discourse;If you want to lead your people, you have to put your own interests last.Because of this, the people will not feel pressured by the saints even if they show higher morality and power in front of the people, and the people will not feel bad if they develop ahead.So the world would be glad to recommend him and not resent him.Because a saint never argues with others, there is no one in the world who can argue with him.Isn’t this kind of humble attitude also “the heart has harmony”?Tao Te Ching, Chapter 79: With great grievances, there will be more than grievances;Good for evil, can think good?It is the sage who holds the deed, not the man.Where there is a Descher, there is no descher.Heaven has no relations with good people.Meaning: reconciliation of deep resentment, there is bound to be residual resentment;How can it be a proper way to repay resentment with virtue?Therefore, the sage of the Dao kept the stub of the ious, but did not use it to force others to repay debts.The man with virtue is as forgiving as the sage with the ious; the man without virtue is as harsh and cunning as the man in charge of taxes.The laws of nature favour no man in favour of the virtuous.This kind of weakness is to others, to give others leeway, does not mean that people should “have peace of mind”?”Tao Te Ching” chapter 81: faith is not beautiful, beautiful words do not believe.A good man does not argue, and a good man does not argue.Those who know do not know, and those who know do not know.Saints do not accumulate: think that people have more;With others, oneself more.The way of heaven, benefit but not harm;The way of man is to fight for the Buddha.True words are not beautiful, and beautiful words are not true.Good people don’t happen to say, happens to say people are not good.Truly knowledgeable people don’t show off; those who show off how much they know are not really knowledgeable.A saint is not possessive, but tries to take care of others, and is more sufficient himself;He enriches himself by trying to give to others.The law of nature is to benefit all things without harming them.The rule of the sage is to do everything without competing with others.This true, low-key, stable, beautiful, harmonious coexistence of life mentality, is not the basis of “peace of mind”?You can feel the other chapters with your heart and beauty. When you truly feel them, you will naturally understand the essence of Tao Te Ching.Laozi’s thought is “governing by inaction”, “inaction” is not to do nothing, but on the basis of the heart and beauty of the heart, everything symbiosis without harm to a harmonious state.Many people study for the purpose of making money, but this idea is always hidden in the heart, embarrassed to express, in fact, there is no shame, want to make money is a very normal thing, because money is the needs of the vast majority of people.Tao Te Ching tells people how to make money: think that others have more of themselves;With others, oneself more.He is more sufficient if he cares for others;He enriches himself by trying to give to others.To make money, you need to learn to give to others first. The more you give, the more you will get.On the contrary, the less willing to give, the more difficult it is to make money.So, what is the basis of this “give first, give second”?You need to be a person with peace of mind, otherwise you will always regret or fail to do it when you give to others. Only those with peace of mind who sincerely wish others good things will reap good things for themselves.When people look up at the sky and explore the vast universe, they will find the smallness of human beings. Science always tells people that human beings are not worth mentioning in front of the universe.No, we have one thing that can travel faster than the speed of light, and that is our consciousness.When you embrace the whole universe with heart and beauty, you gain the infinite energy of the universe.For everyone is one with the world, just as the parts interact with the whole.How you treat the world, the world will respond to you in the same way.However, just because you know this doesn’t mean you can enjoy your success.The Tao Te Ching is a book of wisdom, but reading the Tao Te Ching does not prove that you have wisdom.Therefore, mind and beauty provide us with infinite possibilities, but this is only opportunity, to become a reality also requires practical action.Guide action with wisdom, wisdom in action.Finally, I would like to give you a word: understand the reason, know what to say, do well, and raise harmony.