What now?Owen posted on social media: “Love yourself, nobody likes a genius kid!”

2022-07-05 0 By

Beijing time on February 19, 2022, the NBA all-star weekend has begun, in the mid season longer holidays, star with all-star team task will go to Cleveland gathered without participating task, also can choose your favorite way to relax and rest, wait until after the all-star,The sprint for the second half of the season is about to begin!And recently, Nets star Kyrie Irving took to social media to post some pictures.The first photo reads SELF LOVE;The second post reads NOBODY LOVES A GENIUS CHILD.It’s fair to say that Owen’s every social media post is a bit confusing and unpredictable as to what he’s thinking.He didn’t make it to the All-Star game this season, so he should be able to rest, adjust, and try to bring enough help to the Nets this season, after all, he is not enough help to the Nets.At present, the Nets are in a difficult situation, the game before the All-Star break, Irving also missed several games on the road, resulting in the team can only be Seth Curry as the core, I don’t know after the All-Star break, this team can have some changes!Simmons, Durant can return to the team, Irving can play in their own home, these are very important for the Nets.Without harden, Durant, and Irving as their top trio, irving and the team need to address the issue of part-time players sooner rather than later.