Hebei: 11 traffic facts in 2021 to facilitate people’s travel

2022-07-06 0 By

Last year, 11 practical matters of transportation in our province made it convenient for people to travel. The province built and renovated 8978 kilometers of rural roads, and the rural passenger bus service rate reached 95.3% within 30 kilometers of county seats.Renovate 150 dilapidated Bridges;Public transport in 137 counties and districts has been connected to each other with one card…Learned from the provincial Department of Transportation, as of December 2021, our province 2021 traffic 11 people’s livelihood practical has been all completed, traffic practical really do the masses on the heart.At the beginning of 2021, focusing on people’s worries and worries in transportation, our province accurately planned 11 practical matters concerning people’s livelihood, such as the “Four Good Rural roads” improvement project, the convenient access of existing expressways improvement action, and the comfortable and smooth operation of ordinary main highways improvement action.”These practical measures to improve people’s livelihood not only focus on solving specific problems at the moment, but also improve various mechanisms and institutions in the long run.We need to get things done and do good things to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.”Provincial transportation department party secretary, director Hou Zhimin said.Baicaocao Village is located at the junction of two provinces and three counties in the western mountainous area of Wu ‘an city.In 2021, the “Sihao Rural Road” of Baicao Village was upgraded, greatly shortening the distance to Zhuangziling, Qingta Lake and other tourist attractions, forming a new tourism circle, and the life of the villagers in Baicao Village has also changed greatly.”The convenient transportation makes our village look new.”The village party branch secretary gallant said proudly.In 2021, 8,978 kilometers of rural roads will be completed, accounting for 119.7% of the annual target. Among them, 7,446 kilometers of road renovation will be completed, accounting for 107.9% of the annual target.The operation rate of rural passenger bus routes within 30 kilometers of county towns reached 95.3%, 5 percentage points higher than the annual plan.On January 15, the outdoor temperature reached minus 8 DEGREES Celsius. In his warm room at the “Driver’s Home” in the Tangshan Highway Port Logistics Park, li Ming, a truck driver, laughed from time to time as he watched an entertainment program on TV.”After so many years of freight running, I have to rest in the car, and the conditions are very difficult,” he said.The ‘driver’s Home’ is clean and friendly, making it our top choice for drivers to rest.”At the beginning of 2021, the provincial Department of Transport issued the Notice on organizing and Carrying out the Application work of pilot Construction of “Driver’s Home” in 2021, organizing all cities and relevant units in the province to carry out the application work of pilot construction of “Driver’s Home” in 2021.By the end of 2021, 33 “driver’s homes” had been built in the province, serving more than 700,000 truck drivers. The number of completed “driver’s homes” and the number of 5A “driver’s homes” ranked first in China.At the same time, the province’s 180 joint overload treatment stations have also created “Kayou Station”, which provides truck drivers with free temporary rest, vehicle maintenance, emergency standby medicine, toilet, WIFI Internet access and other services, so that truck drivers can rest their feet, drink water, eat food and sleep on the way.”People’s livelihood answer” is not the best, only better.Hou Zhimin said, the next step, the province’s transportation system will adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen the use of results, to have completed the tasks of the timely organization to carry out a look back, and constantly improve the level of transportation services to facilitate people benefit people, strive to build people satisfied with traffic.(Reporter Cao Zhi, Correspondent Zhang Haiyang, Wang Ran)