Party Construction leads Warm Spring Festival Travel Rush

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During the Spring Festival travel rush, G2769 from Jiujiang in Jiangxi province to Shenzhen North had just left Ganzhou West Railway Station, when a pregnant woman suddenly fell ill and suffered severe abdominal pain.The train crew immediately activated the emergency plan, and the party members took separate actions, while doing simple care for the pregnant woman, relieve the pain, while broadcasting to find a doctor.Soon, a doctor arrived and recommended immediate treatment after a preliminary diagnosis.After obtaining the consent of the passengers, the staff contacted 120 of huizhou North Railway Station in Guangdong for emergency assistance.After the train arrived at Huizhou North Railway Station, the pregnant woman was promptly sent to medical treatment.Encounter difficulty to seek party member, need service to seek branch.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, in order to play the role of party organizations and party members, Nanchang Passenger section of China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the guidance of Party construction and provides meticulous and thoughtful services for passengers.On some trains, “the conductor blows his whistle and the whole crew reports for duty”, which combines crew members from different parts of the railway system into a single rope.D2238 train from Chengdu east to Nanchang ran to Hubei province on February 7, but the train was delayed due to heavy snow, and some passengers became irritable.”Whistle reporting” mechanism immediately started, the train attendant police, vehicle mechanics have responded to explain and appease the crew.When it was time for meals, the staff actively contacted the station for support and delivered free meals to passengers one by one.Party building leads, service upgrading.During this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, Nanchang Passenger transport has also precisely met the needs of passengers, launched “love call”, “small migratory birds booking escort” and other services, striving to make passengers’ travel experience better.Original title: Party Construction leads warm Spring Festival Travel Rush