Too tiger!Come and see the tigers in Ma on Shan

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This year is the Year of the Tiger in The Chinese lunar calendar, “Dragon jump”, “like a tiger with wings added”, “虎踞龙盘”, since ancient times, the tiger has been a symbol of courage, luck and safety.There are also many places and things related to tigers among the people.The rong Media platform of Maanshan Daily has launched “2022, Tiger Is Alive — Looking for place names or Historical Stories with the word” Tiger “, looking for cultural relics and place names related to tigers hidden in every corner of Maanshan city, and digging out interesting stories behind them.Happy Year of the Tiger The Year of the Tiger is coming to see “little tiger”!First take a look at maanshan unearthed tiger cultural relics double tiger head jade Huang Hanshan Lingjiatan site unearthed speaking of Maanshan “tiger” cultural relics, the most ancient is “Neolithic Age Lingjiatan culture double tiger head jade Huang”.The “tiger” cultural relic has an outer diameter of 11.9cm, an inner diameter and width of 15cm, a thickness of 0.5cm and an eye aperture of 0.2cm. It was unearthed in 1987 during the second excavation of lingjiatan site in Hanshan County, Anhui Province, and is now in the collection of Anhui Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.It is understood that “Neolithic Lingjiatan culture double tiger head jade Huang” when unearthed, located in the tomb owner’s chest, flat arc, its color was gray, and accompanied by yellow ooze spot.The two ends of the Huang are embossed with the head of the tiger, which is carved out of the mouth and nose of the tiger with the Yin thread. The eyes are drilled on both sides of the tube. The face is embossed with the ears, brain and snout of the tiger, and there are three claws under the curved neck to distinguish the head and neck from the body and abdomen.The Yin line pattern on the huang is the tiger body pattern, and the two sides are the same.According to archeological experts, this huang tiger head features distinct, realistic demeanor, showing the neolithic people’s accurate grasp of the animal image of nature, as well as the respect with the tiger this fierce animal.Green glaze tiger son dongyuan community tomb unearthed we would like to say the second piece of Ma on Shan “tiger” cultural relics, is now hidden in the city museum of the “three countries, Wu green glaze tiger son”.The piece is 22.4 centimeters long, 17.4 centimeters high and 6 centimeters in diameter. It was unearthed in 1996 when archaeologists were excavating the tomb of Dongwu in Dongyuan district, Our city.We often see the green glaze tiger in the city museum, there are five in the exhibition, different forms.Tiger was a popular living appliance in the Six Dynasties period.During The Three Kingdoms Wu to the Western Jin Dynasty, the tiger was vivid and lively in shape.After the Eastern Jin Dynasty, gradually evolved into a round, decorative style tends to be simple and practical.This green-glazed tiger unearthed in the Tomb of Wu of The Three Kingdoms in Dongyuan community has the typical characteristics of tiger in the Wu period of The Three Kingdoms.The body of the “tiger” cultural relic is cocoon-shaped, with round mouth and square lips. The sculpture is carved as the head of the tiger. The nostrils are upturned, the eyes are protruding, and the ears are erect.Cultural relics experts in the identification of the “tiger” cultural relics, said that the green glaze tiger body with green glaze, not only beautiful shape, but exquisite decoration, and melting tiger’s practical and beautiful in one, is a rare boutique in the green glaze tiger.The third piece of Maanshan “Tiger” cultural relic unearthed in Daqin Village, Liyang Town, Hexian County — “The bronze four breasts of the Western Han Dynasty”.The cultural relic is 14 in diameter and 0.4 cm thick. It was unearthed in 2006 in Daqin Village, Liyang Town, Hexian County, and is now stored in the Museum of Hexian City.The bronze mirror of the Western Han Dynasty with four breasts was unearthed during the excavation of a western Han dynasty tomb.When unearthed, the mirror is complete without rust, and the cladding is intact.On the back of the mirror decoration, from inside and outside into the center, the main grain, edge grain and edge grain and other four areas, the center area with a round button machine persimmon grain seat, sitting around decorated with double line square frame.At the same time, the central area is framed by the pattern of the exhibition bureau, and the diagonal of the inner square box is decorated with four milk patterns. In the exhibition bureau, the pattern is divided into the main pattern and the ground pattern, and the main pattern and the ground pattern are mutually symmetrical four groups, respectively for the green dragon, white tiger, rose finch, feather man and auspicious animal images.In addition, the outside of the main grain area is a circle of oblique lines.Edge grain area is divided into inner and outer edge, inner edge is also decorated with a week of double line serrated grain and dot grain, the outer edge plain.In the Zhu Ran Cultural Park, there are many han dynasty stone statues. The Zhu Ran Family Cemetery Museum in The Three Kingdoms has collected more than 100 Han dynasty stone statues, including the Green Dragon, zhu Ran family Cemetery and white Tiger of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the White Tiger of the Western Han Dynasty.Green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, basalts are representative of the four things, and the universe.In han Dynasty, people pursued “death as life”. It was inevitable for them to enter the paradise after death, but they needed some media to realize it. Therefore, these four gods appeared in a large number of Han stone paintings.Which tiger do you like best after watching them older than us?After we finish see relics “little tiger” listen to ma on shan “tiger” place name story we ma on shan although there is no tiger, but there are many place names related to the “tiger”, such as old hanshan county huwei, the tiger, the tiger tsui village, WoHuShan, lie and lie tiger tiger village forest farm, and county of the tiger, white tiger, tiger of dangtu pond, tiger mound, tiger gate and the tiger port,Huatou Mountain in Huashan district, Tiger Mountain and laohu first class in Bowang district.Ma on Shan about the origin of the “tiger” place, what are the good folk tales?Let’s listen.Story of Wo Tiger Village Wo Tiger village belongs to Lintou town, located at the foot of jianshan in the northwest of the town, adjacent to Qingxi town in the north, across the Qingxi River and Chao Chao Yafu in the northwest, there are 12 households, 18 residential areas under the jurisdiction.There is a small hillside in the village, about 1000 meters long and 300 meters wide, shaped like a prone tiger. Local people call it Crouching Tiger Mountain. At the head of the tiger lies a large village, Manjin Village, with more than 270 households, most of which are named Jin, and a population of nearly 1,000 people.According to the records of jin family genealogy, it has been more than 500 years since the Jin family moved to Lintou from the west of Jiang River, and the population has prospered, with about ten thousand people developing up to now.Clan hall is “Dun This hall”.Surrounded by mountains and rivers, they live in the shape of a crouching tiger. The old gate of the village (the Gate of Righteousness) is equipped with ancient tiger teeth, hence the name “crouching tiger”.Later, at the end of “Crouching Tiger Mountain”, there lived more than a dozen families, known as Lao Tiger Wei (also mainly named Jin).The origin of “Erhu Mountain” is located in the tianmen Mountain, 30 miles southwest of Tangtu City, which is the name of the East Liang Mountain and the West Liang Mountain in the north of the river. The local people also call it erhu Mountain.There is still a beautiful and touching story about the origin of erhushan.It is said that long ago, there was no Yangtze River in The land of Gushen, only plain and virgin forests everywhere.Lions, tigers, elephants and bears are some of the larger animals that have been forced to flee their homes and seek survival elsewhere as forests have been reduced by deforestation.Then one day, a group of menacing black wolves came and took over.These black wolves are fierce and cunning, often in groups around the village, first drag chickens and ducks, later developed to eat pigs and cattle, and sometimes even before dark out, more and more unbribed, neither afraid of hunting dogs, nor trap.The local people hated them so much that they wiped poison on the leftover chickens. The black Wolf was not deceived, but also carried the poisonous chickens to other villages and threw them down. As a result, the dogs in other villages were poisoned.When these black wolves make people miserable, from the north came two majestic tigers, after the black Wolf.Why did the tiger chase after the black Wolf?It is said that when two tigers pass by here, they hunted a wild boar. Before they could enjoy it, they were eaten by black wolves. The king of beasts, tiger, was enraged.The two tigers felt their dignity challenged.And they hunted them down.The tiger looks for the black Wolf by smell, sees one bite one, soon bites the black Wolf to death.The rest of the black Wolf hurriedly hide in the mountains, do not dare to move easily.The two tigers are friendly to the people and animals in the village and never hurt them.The people were not afraid to see them and were grateful.The villagers said that god sent two tigers for the people, some people give the tiger meat to eat.From then on, the two tigers were inseparable, waiting day and night at the mouth of the black Wolf.Sometimes the black wolves were so hungry that they ventured out of their holes, and as soon as they got out, the tigers pounced on them and killed them.One night, while the tiger was chasing the last black Wolf leader, there was a sudden thunder, lightning and heavy rain.In an instant, the torrent burst forth and the two tigers were scattered. Although they howled desperately, they could only hear their voices and disappeared.The heavy rain continued for several days and nights, and the rushing flood washed out a deep channel in the earth, which is the Yangtze River today.The male tiger stayed in the south of the Yangtze River, the female tiger stayed in the north of the Yangtze River, across the river but could not meet.Neither of the two tigers wanted to leave, so they waited.The rolling waters of the Yangtze River will not dry up.The two tigers looked at each other day and night, neither eating nor drinking, and from time to time made a thrilling whistling sound.As time passed, the two tigers were spiritually exhausted and gradually turned into two mountains, which are today’s Dongliang Mountain and Xiliang Mountain.The two hushan became the eternal embodiment of love in the hearts of the local people.It is said that Li Bai, a great poet of Tang Dynasty, likes to tiao Tiao, which first admires xie Tiao, the famous poet, second enjoys the beautiful scenery of big green mountains, and also likes to drink wine made by tiao Tiao.Every time he came to Dangtu, he would stay on the streets at the foot of Daqing Mountain for a few days, reciting poems and tasting wine, forming a deep friendship with the local people.Once, Li Bai went to The temple of Xie Gong in daqingshan early in the morning, but it was getting dark and he did not come back to Qingshan Street.The young people on Castle Peak Street scrambled to bring their dishes, carrying their own wine and trotting up the hill.It was well known that Li Bai drank a lot, and the more he drank, the better his poems were.When they were halfway there, they met Li Bai and some of his poetic friends walking towards Qingshan Street.See the students brought so much wine, Li Bai was very moved and pointed to the moon in the sky said, tonight the moon is particularly bright, in this drink to enjoy the moon.The younger students all agreed.We found a flat place on the mountain, took out the wine and drinks.Li Bai drank a cup and a cup, the spirit of the drink more and more excited, we drink chat, the moon imperceptibly rose to mid-air.Suddenly, there came a Wolf’s roar in the deep forest.Some people said that a big tiger came from nowhere recently, as if looking for something.Castle Peak has several wolves do not know the height of the sky, partnership attack tiger, the result has been killed by the tiger for a few days.After hearing this, Li Bai laughed. Where does the tiger come from on this mountain?Even if the tiger comes, I don’t have to be afraid.Li Bai saw everyone want to go back, there is no reluctance.When they were near the bottom of the hill, there was another howl of the Wolf, which was very sad, as if he were being chased and had no way to escape.After a while, the mountain heard a baby crying again.Li Bai listened, as if there were children crying for help.So he turned and began to run up the hill.They stopped Li Bai and said, “There are wolves and tigers on the mountain.Li Bai touched his sword and said, “I can’t do that. It’s important to save people.Li Bai said that he was going to run up the hill.Li Bai’s run forced everyone not to go home.Though most of them were drunk and hazy, they stumbled after Li Bai…Suddenly, a tiger leap up from the woods, block in the middle of the mountain, opened the blood basin mouth.Everyone was scared to even back a few steps, only Li Bai pulled out his sword rushed to the tiger, the people are scared fainted.The next morning, the mountain cutting firewood people found a lot of people lying on the road, found most of the village’s students, they came forward to wake up.The later students wake up very sad, all said That Li Bai was eaten by the tiger.Then the woodcutter found a man asleep on a big rock.He came forward to push him awake, the man is Li Bai.Everyone is very surprised, and surprised, let everyone more surprised is that The stone Li Bai sleep resembles a tiger.Li Bai said he chased the tiger, the tiger tired down, he fell asleep on the tiger.Since then, the hotels on Castle Peak Street have changed their names, some called Taibai Restaurant, some called Green Lotus Inn and so on.There were also more and more people making wine on Qingshan Street, who gave the best wine to Li Bai.Planning Chen Xiying reporter Tan Hengcheng Chu Canlin Correspondent Li Huihui Responsible Editor: Chen Xiying Nuclear school: Dai Guowen Duty director: Wang Xiaoming Audit: Chen Bangbing