World of Warcraft 9.2: Some thoughts on the Dark Shepherd suit after testing the regular first 8

2022-07-06 0 By

1. Turn to fire.In the face of the old one, the game craftsman, pantheon P1, andu because of the infield P23 this small strange aoE in the strange direction is still no solution, is still the last dot cheat fated.When you turn fire, the shadow on your back will most likely continue to draw the original target.2. Concentrated AOE.The suit is a very strong AOE at first glance, and bosses with little Add (Anduin, Creator, Apology) don’t even need nightmares and collisions.But the problem is, when the monsters spawn, I can hit three plagues without triggering the dark mind.Especially in Anduin, the boss who needs single damage very much, we can only rely on the suit to a small monster of the Lich King, the upper limit is infinite trigger dark thinking, instant DPS is twice as high as the evil magic imps implosion;The lower limit is not triggered once, small strange dead shadow has no upper body, instant DPS than the former one order of magnitude less.So it’s fate that determines aoE’s damage, not manipulation.3. Pure monomer eruption.In fact, the same problem as AOE, but fate requirements are not so high.But the reality is that the peak difference between an outbreak triggering 5+ dark thoughts and an outbreak triggering only one or two is more than 1W.In summary, the problem of shadow playing without control and triggering extreme dependence on luck is very, very big.Finally encourage the pastor brothers, H andu because the infield to group drive, M must be black and white pastoral two positions can be guaranteed, take the ring or guarantee.