Anti-japanese general once buried alive 1200 Japanese troops, by The Japanese claim 200 million?He responded with two words

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Frequent war, hurt the most is that people, in those days, many families the death toll is one or two less, many family nobody escapes, the Japanese brutal crimes have been history, will never forgive of the Chinese people, after decades of terrible time, be cruel persecution of the common people, let a person teeth.We have been bullied, but the Japanese don’t take our kindness seriously.Historically, an anti-japanese general buried 1,200 Japanese alive, only to be asked for $200 million in compensation. How would a soldier respond?Have to say, see this title of time, in the mind is very relieved hate, and the warrior behind the domineer answer, no matter what answer, can imagine must be domineer answer.Indeed, upon hearing this statement, the soldier did not care whether it was true or not, but felt that if such a day ever came, it would be a “kill”!Although treaty explicitly to kill prisoner is not desirable, but persecuted the Chinese, especially Chinese civilians, was measured by hundreds of units, so various conventions are do to people, is never going to be the Chinese by benefits, all the bullying China’s kindness, and China can only silently to use scientific technology to tell the world our strength.When we got caught by the Japanese, they were capable of anything, and they ended up killing us.But when the Japanese were captured by us, we did not brutalize them, we kept them well under guard and fed them, and yet there were some malicious people running around and making ridiculous rumors.The falsely accused soldier called Sun Liren, he was born very early, the war of resistance has been thirty years old, this age is valiant and good in battle, the army is particularly important to him, to strengthen the training, he also had a safe protection of Song Ziwen’s family, so his status is very stable.Although the soldiers courage, but technological backwardness, still we ate very thanks to, at first we only have a rifle, and Japanese weapon not only has a long knife, and long-distance range of the gun, so a lot of time to use several soldiers life can kill a Japanese, a lot of life is so be taken from you.Technology advances all the time, and on one occasion, when Sun led his team, they just changed their equipment and marched proudly to Myanmar.This time is really very smooth, hit where to win where, Sun Liren’s team not only defeated a large number of enemy troops, but also rescued many friendly troops, such a big victory caused a huge roar.Has the scholar to record the war, the sun li-jen story written text published, praised in all his soldiers to fight in this paper, and wrote the 1200 sun li-jen will catch to Japan captured directly buried alive, which make Chinese people see is very enjoyable, but people in other countries do not allow, said sun li-jen don’t put the Geneva convention on eyes.But is this the case?Let’s see, in the decades of war of resistance against Japan, there are nearly 17 million civilians killed by Japanese merciless shelling, and countless refugees without food. However, these pains only matter to us, everyone does not care, but always care about the 1200 Japanese who started on us first.This matter more movement in Japan, they actually angry, what call thief shout to catch the thief, is seen, destroying us so many people, they seem to have a memory, and organize a group of people, their country for sun li-jen must give them an apology, and give them to repay two million, so unruly, really is no cure.When Sun Liren saw these ugly people, he sneered and replied, “It should be killed.” Some people called his answer very appeasable, others said it was too cold-blooded.But no matter how we say, hereby clarify, Sun Liren’s imperious reply is true, but said he buried 1200 people alive this matter is false.Sun Liren is a Chinese, with red blood in his bones, the quality of kindness has not changed, our soldiers will only fight back the enemy desperately, with precious life for peace, how can there be no sympathy like the Japanese?And there was a correspondent for every war, and it was written all over the file.The war at that time, sun li-jen team a total of about 300 people, the Japanese army less 60 people, the war is not big, the death toll is relatively small, although there’s no one there, however, it is impossible to suddenly jump out of the 1000 people to make up for the rumors, the characteristics of the news is accuracy, timeliness, every journalist is through strict training.Conclusion: especially this kind of historical thing, the possibility of fraud is so small that it can be basically ruled out, so this sentence has been proved to be false.Those who say these rumors are really very strong, not only said that so many people were buried alive, but also the Japanese demand for compensation are spread as true, but love peace is better?War is a very serious matter, there are many dead will never be avenged, I hope everyone has a kind heart, each do their own thing.