“Flash Band” Zhang Chu covers rock hits, will carry out the spirit of rock, pull full feelings

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# The Shining Band # The Shining Band the sixth program “Fox Sells genuine products” singing “Love to Be Honest” has mixed reviews. Many audiences think this song is too dull and not suitable for performing on the stage of “The Shining Band”. The effect presented is not as good as Yang Kun, Rainie Yang,The only highlight of “Neon Sweetheart” by Jie Qiong Chau is Yutong Hu’s “Marching Snare drum”. Seven out of the ten critics chose to give them a thumbs up, which was fairly good, but this was not the final result. The music style of the third group of union bands was very different.They are by “king dragon” and “time age band ‘coalition’ could not be a less read the biggest is music poet zhang chu3’s and the third group team, yugang li is” sincerity “more than once invited zhang chu3’s with shang wenjie, but they not yugang li two choice for the best, but with Li Runqi Hu Yutong, finally to the end of the party time,Only added to the “king dragon” band shang wenjie, the reason why zhang chu3’s don’t want to join, not think their business ability not line, but worry about different styles group together really will be suitable for you, but it turns out that the style of the sharp contrast singer, the more friction spark of different, in reality,Five tracks problems plaguing the shang wenjie with him when he was a word, zhang chu3’s is noodles don’t change color the heart not jump, but yugang li’s eq is very high, everybody’s enthusiasm was up, after some struggle, zhang chu3’s offered to sing Zhou Ren 1996 “Martian” is a typical hardcore punk rock, two words of the lyrics, melody,Impromptu space is very large when Zhou Ren sing “Martian”, just like today’s young people like ‘yuan universe, especially when it comes to my future affirmation, is a kind of special positive attitude we can learn from zhang chu3’s mouth, even by blues listening to this song shu thumb, actually it is easy to understand, also can zhang chu3’s recognized,Nature will have a point, it is a history of Chinese rock and roll, in the golden age of rock, it is a pearl inside the exotic, rare, belongs to the rare pioneer fine zhang chu3’s so firmly want to sing this song, just to take out this “pearl”, onto the stage, think more and more many people experience the positive charm of this song,Namely the 21st century, the feeling in the ninety s, again will rock in order to let the spirit of persistent yugang li accepted the first “martians” Zhang Chujin sentences, tell him if we can together with his singing this song, then are the intersection, like rock and roll era would send him a small red, at first glance, this is the fanfare, but the fact is really such,At least in rock fans heart, will accept yugang li’s strength, the knowledge of his will not only stay in the “new drunken beauty” this song on stage after the present sense of painting technology, you’re also specially gave them a special effects, do not know the thought of points into the science fiction film ‘opening song’ all-hands are brought a pair of glasses,Especially in line with the name “Martian” prelude to the tracks rang, in an instant the whole atmosphere foil to an extreme to keep the original the original song, not to change, the pure pattern to continue down, right from the beginning to the end, no waste, although only a simple SanGouBan,But the present stage effect spectacular like rock music friends should have special feeling, it is less than the three jie zhang chu3’s’ working ‘performance effect, it is worth mentioning yugang li the successful step out of the comfort zone, singing hardcore rock so to force, for the first time these until after the show, everyone wanting more,Wu mo sorrow feel feel cyber punk, in fact this is the charm of rock and roll out, through the melody with instruments can cause the strong resonance of the audience, even if only three words of the song lyrics, music poet zhang chu3’s, especially on the spot to yugang li has prepared a “little red flower that rock old son have a so lovely side, for yugang li,Zhang chu3’s give yourself a little red, no doubt, is the life, the most should be a gift, in the collection of the same as rock DJ orange also published their own different views because early DJ orange also play hard rock, he knew why zhang chu3’s singing the song “Martian” second in the ninety s, the music is no boundaries,Rock singers can how to sing like, as long as their comfortable, when the attitude is very pure, now music do more instead of the more subtle, but is not pure, in short, this piece of rock art, worthy of any age audience recalled repeatedly, and into the history of the Chinese rock and roll, don’t know you have what different feeling after see that?Remember to leave a message, forward, collect, one key three even!