“Rectus abdominis separation” is not a vest line. You think you have a small waist, but that’s a big problem

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Hello, Amanda!Figure curve quality decided to a person’s temperament, two years ago I was a fat of one hundred and sixty kg, arm, bucket waist and buttock mother, butterfly shape defects always lets a person take in everything in a glance, for a girl who only 20 years old, this figure is really very bad, but I have the courage to change itself, through the efforts, I also will shine, and sisters,Let’s try to change our figure and restore our beauty and confidence.Separating the rectus abdominis as a vest line?You’re a bit of a fool!Rectus separation if severe is will affect the location of the internal organs, if only after having the baby, the body has not restored can not value, if you have given birth to the baby a few years didn’t even gave birth to a baby girl, then you have to pay attention to, if not to interfere in, so in addition to the body shape, it is important to your health.In fact, the meat after the separation of rectus abdominis muscle really looks like muscle at first glance, but when you touch it, you will find that it is soft and very loose, unlike muscle tight and tough, want to change this state in fact, a few actions can do, want to learn girls can continue to watch.Action one breathing training inhaling, through abdominal breathing training, and in abdominal breathing training, the abdominal resistance can be appropriately increased, so that the rectus abdominis can be exercised, so that the separation of the rectus abdominis will gradually improve.Action 2 is like sit-ups, but not complete sit-ups, just the upper half of the chest of the body and the head is raised, lower limb flexion, upward curling method, also can achieve the effect of exercising rectus abdominis.The above method is relatively simple, can be trained at home, so that the rectus abdominis muscle exercise, so that the separation of rectus abdominis muscle is effectively improved.Method is very simple, in fact every ten minutes is enough, don’t you figure out a month will be improved, I used to is a lazy person, love to eat immobile, so in their 20 s were already very fat, look sloppy, can’t get a boyfriend, but through effective after the exercise body not only have a curve, have also become healthy,Want to change oneself is to want some pay, come on!